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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ideas from the Alabama Kindergarten Conference in Ozark, AL

One of the sessions today…Words Mini Lessons. Slide68Slide69
In this session I talk about how to teach a sight word. Follow these 6 steps to be sure your children are looking at the “whole” word not just each letter individually.
Here are some of the resources that I used to plan this session. They are all on sale for 20% off today only. See the Christmas in July calendar at the bottom to see what else will be on sale in the next few days.
One of my newest session is on what to do with your small groups during math. So, how do you organize your math time. You can search this blog for Math Center Management to see more about that. Then, I share different small group activities and how to make them work with your intervention group, your on-target group and your challenge group.
Slide23So I group my children into “family groups.” These are the groups that they do all group work with, go to literacy and math centers with. They are all abilities, all personalities, and work well together. Then, once I get them working in their centers. I can pull out my groups: intervention, target, and challenge based on the assessments.
Here are some of the units that I referred to in this session. You can click on them to find them in my store for 20% off today only!
The last session for this conference is Mixing Up Some Math and Science Fun. 
In this session I show this fun little dog toilet paper roll. I give the kids a strip of animal clip art, all the same size. Then, they cut the animals out and glue them in order according to that size that animal is in real life. Roll it up and stick it inside of the dog for a cute little book. This idea is from my Science Blasters Unit. Here are the resources that I used to plan this session. They are 20% off today only.

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Teresa said...

Thank you for posting your days in Vegas. For those of us who can't afford to go, I still feel like I'm getting a piece of the fun :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Teresa! Thanks so much!!

K8esmama said...

Yes, thanks to u! I can't figure out how to get the ABC Book freebie, though. Love it! I'll look on your shop.

tynetots said...

Thanks Kim it was great seeing you! Thanks for posting too. It is a great reminder.

Thinking in Primary said...

I LOVED your presentations today! Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us! You are amazing!

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