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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mixing Up Some Math and Science Fun

Isn't it great when you can put TWO standards on your lesson plans--one for science and one for math?  Here are a few fun activities where you can do just that! Be sure and read all the way to the bottom to grab the FREE file!
My kids love this dress up game for teaching duration and winter clothing at the same time! First,  I made a deck of winter clothing cards. (They are in my Winter Wonderland Unit). Then, I collected winter clothing items to match the cards. *** Check the lost and found for items to borrow if you can’t find them!
Here's how you play:
Call up two children and have them each select a card from the deck (without looking).
Ask the kids, Which one do you think will take more time to put on? Which will take less time to put on? Why do you think that?
When you say, “GO!”, the children find the article of clothing and put it on. Ask the kids, Was your prediction correct? Who took more time? Who took less time?
Another great activity to tie in seeds, measurement and art is this fun flower pot craftivity. To get ready I made each of the children a pot purse.  I stapled two pots together along the edges and bottom but left the top open.  I also cut stems of various lengths.
To complete the activity, the children create flowers to put on the top of several stems. The use seeds to measure each stem and record the number of seeds on a strip. They glue the strip to the back of the stems.
Another great game for using science pictures from any unit is the number line mystery game. To make the game, create a set of cards with 4 decks. On each deck, make cards to follow a counting pattern. It could be just a 1-10 pattern with numerals, but it could also be dots to represent the numerals. 
To play the game: Lay a card from each suit in a column on the left. These have no numerals. Shuffle the remaining cards and lay them face down in 4 rows of 10.  Invite a child to turn over one card. They must decide where that card belongs. They move to the correct row and space for the card and lay it down removing the card that is already in that space. Continue moving cards until all 4 number lines are complete.
 The worked great when we were playing in a small group and I created the rows and columns. But, when the kids tried, they couldn't get them lined up! So I created this large game board so that the kids could do it on their own.  I have attached the letters below so that you can make one for your kids. You will need to cut rectangles the size of your cards to make the array.

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