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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rekenreks, Smart Boards, and Number Sense

This is a rekenrek…just in case it’s a new term to you. When we started common core, a rekenrek was one of the new tools I learned how to use. They aren’t new, I just had never used one before.  You can learn a lot about where they came from and how they can be used just by using Google!
I saw this idea on pinterest to make a large teacher sized one. It is made with pvc pipe and pool noodles! So, you guessed it….Andy had to make me one…along with about 6 others for friends that put in their orders. The small white card, is the student sized one!
Here are a few things about Rekenreks….
To use them…Always start with all the beads pushed over to the right. The kiddos push their answer over to the left. Then, they are able to read their answer from left to right.
So while I was in Chicago last week, my friend Kathleen wanted me to model how to use them. Now here’s the tricky part…she has a smart board! I never used one when I had my own classroom so this was an opportunity to try it out.  I can’t believe it, but I made a smart board lesson for teaching the rekenrek. It was super funny to make and do. I had made the slides the night before. The next  morning, My friend Kath and I each had a pen and were both trying to add the “movable” shapes at the same time, each of thinking we knew how to do it best!!! We finally got a much younger teacher who was able to show us our simple mistake and we got it all done! Then, during the lesson I used the tool to drag over the shapes and write the numerals. Can I say, I was just a little impressed with myself? SmileIt doesn’t take much, I am so challenged when it comes to technology!
First I modeled how to move all the beads to the right side of their card. (Each of the children had their own card.)
We were working on whether an equation was true or false. (This is a first grade common core standard.) So first I made an addition sentence and we moved the beads to the left to figure out the sum. Then, we put another addition sentence after the = sign and moved the beads on their cards to the left to figure out that sum. Were the sums equal? We did start with “turn arounds”, commutative property, as they had been working on those and I thought it would be an easy place to start.
In my lesson, I had made the first addition sentence using both rows, then the kiddos made the second addition sentence using both of their rows. We compared the sum on their cards to the sum on the smart board.
One teacher suggested having them do the first addition sentence on the top row and the second addition sentence on the bottom row and it would be easier for them to compare the sums! Totally makes sense! (Teachers from Kath’s school were observing while I was doing the lesson.)
The way I did it helps them to see the different equations and her way would help them see the sums…so that would be 2 different lessons!
Then, it was time for Math Centers and Small Groups. I pulled a small group to do a different rekenrek lesson---Make a 10. Here the kids in the small group each had a rekenrek.
Then, we would spin the spinner. Whatever numeral it lands on, the children move that many beads over to the left. Now look at the beads on the right side and that is how many to make a 10! This activity is from my Yeehaw! Wild About Numbers! Unit. (Not the smart board, just the small group lesson.) We practiced, conceptually a few times, then we started writing our combinations on the recording sheet.

Thanks to the teachers at Morton Gingerwood! You were a great bunch to work with…I know good things are going to happen in your school because you were eager, reflective, and fun!
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Sue said...

I was wondering if you see a big difference from using a Rekenrek board versus using a ten frame? We do the same type of the activity in my classroom on the smartboard but we use ten frames. I find it interesting that the Rekenrek beads are used from right to left instead of left to right, like reading and the using of ten frames. Just wondering if they use both types of math tools in this classroom or just the Rekenrek?

Anonymous said...

is that a Promethean board? If so will you ask her where she got the rekenrek resource pack? thanks

Angela Nouryeh said...

I would also love to use the rekenrek activity for the promethean board, where did you get it? Thanks for always creating amazing activities!!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to have a copy of those Rekenrek resources, both the icons and the Smart Board activity. We are going to get a Smart Board next fall.

Kim and Megan said...

I use a variety of tools--dot plates, tens frames,fives frames, rekenreks...They can all be used to develop number concepts! I like to use a variety of ways to show the number standards.

Kim and Megan said...

Jennifer, Angela, and Terry... I made the Smart Board Activity myself using power point. Then when we got to my friend's school she "inported" it. The template for the rekenrek...I got iy out of my Wild About Number Packet that I mentioned in the post. You could get it there and make any lesson you want using the snipping tool. Then, once we had it on the smart board, all we did was add the beads to slide to a few blank rekenreks to model with. Several other slides had rekenreks with the beads for the first number sentence already slid over. Then, they used their rekenreks to slide over for the second number sentence to determine if it was true or false. I am willing to share the smart board lesson...if someone can tell me how! Yikes.....
The Wild About Number packet has lots of ideas of mini lessons as well as centers that you could use, too. See post for link to that product!

krazy4K said...

i've been eyeing this wild about numbers packet! and i noticed you are doing class on it this summer! yee haw! looks like i'll be getting this one now for sure! thanks kim and megan! love you both and can't wait to see you kim in vegas and pics of little matthew!!! leigh ann

Petersburg Pete said...

Can you please share the file of the interacticve board resources you use? Very excited by your pictures!!! We just learned about the rekenrek at a recent training.

Kim and Megan said...

Would love to share the file, but I did it at my friend's school in Chicago on her computer. I don't have a smartboard.

Nicole Reiner said...

can you give dimensions on the PVC rekenrek you made? thanks!

jt said...

How did you make the slides?

Kim and Megan said...

jt: Are you asking how to make the smart board slides? My friend and I really just played around until we got it to work. I am sure there is a right way, but I just got it to work, not sure how! lol

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