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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easy Steps for Partner Reading..using a Flow Map

You know the old saying, “You can learn something new everyday?”  Last week, I learned that you should take a coat to Missouri when you go there in the winter! Ya’ll I nearly froze to death! So what have I learned this week? First of all, I learned from last week and I took a coat when I flew to Indianapolis. But that’s not all….today I met this cute, young teacher at the training who teachers 12 deaf kindergarteners. We were talking about the Reader’s Workshop and she shared how she has been using them with her kids.
First, here's what I was sharing with the teachers:
I was talking about the flow map and the sticky note folder and how we can use them to mark something we want to share with our partner during partner reading time.

Sticky Note Flow Map

The Sticky Note Flow Map shows the children the steps to get ready to share
with a partner during Reader's Workshop.
1. First, they read by themselves. (The Sticky Note Folders are beside them.)
2. When they find something they want to share with their reading partner, they use one of the sticky notes from their folder to mark it.
3. They either keep reading that book, or lay it down and start reading another book.
4. When it is time to share, the kids are ready! They turn to the page in the book where the sticky note is stuck and share with their partner!
Then, she shared this idea:
She reduced the size of the poster board flow map to fit on a half sheet of paper. Then, she glued the flow map inside their sticky note folders! Oh my word, why haven’t I thought of that? Now the kids have a reminder right there in front of them of how to use the sticky notes! Love it!
We did have the kids make their own flow map, but I love this idea too!
We reproduce the pictures from the flow map in black and white. The children cut the pictures apart and sequenced the pictures to show how they get ready to share with a partner. Then, they pasted them to the flow map.
These ideas are in this unit.
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Unknown said...

OMG...I'm in love!! Thanks for all the great ideas!
Trying to move heaven and earth to get to a conference with you!
Thanks again!

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