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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What happens in Vegas…


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Jenna said...

LOVE all of these ideas! Great stuff!!
Come visit me!

Just diving In

Rose said...

Everything looks great! I love your blog and your wonderful ideas. Would love to have been able to go to Vegas and attend your sessions.
Rose "The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

I just A-D-O-R-E everything you do! Your post makes me want to jump on a plane and attend your session. I made it to Vegas last year...but cannot afford to go this year. Have a great time! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

Busy Bees said...

Everything looks amazing...wish I could go. Moving our son to Texas!! Have a great time in Vegas!!

Penny Lundquist said...

I am so sad I am not attending, but two of my colleagues are and I am sending them to your sessions! Cute stuff!

Tammy Benedict said...

I am going to Vegas!!!!! I have signed up for 4 of your sessions and I can't wait!! See you there!

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

Amazing ideas!!!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

Todd said...

Envious of all of the kindergarten teachers who will be attending your sessions! Seeing you at the conference is on my bucket list...someday!!! ~Tracy

Unknown said...

Oh, Kim! It all sounds wonderful! I wish I were attending this year. I just might have to go check the costs of flights. You are awesome!

By the way, thanks for following me on Pinterest.

Happy Blogging!
Ann Greene

Amanda said...

I saw you at the Ohio Kindergarten Conference and am looking forward to Vegas!!


Lisa R. said...

What I wouldn't do to be able to attend a workshop that you give! I love your ideas, especially the Dollar Store Finds. I think that would be my personal favorite!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Kathleen said...

Yay, Kim! So excited to see you (and meet Megan!). Excited to see your brand new sessions too!!! Love ya!

Alessia Albanese said...

Looks awesome, Kim! Can't wait to see you again and meet Megan! Okay, so I'm flying in Tuesday and if I can squeeze it in (and if they let me - I'm going to beg) I will be at your Tuesday afternoon session. Eeekkk...less than a month to go!

Ѽ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Miss Jasper said...

I wont be attending, but would you just videotape your self and then we could all enjoy it. I would love to see more of your dollar finds. Wish I could see you present.

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