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Friday, June 15, 2012

Are You a Domino Hoarder?

How many sets of dominoes do you own? Are you a domino hoarder? Every time I see dominoes at the Dollar Tree, I have to get them. They are a different size, or a different material, or a different color....AND they are only a dollar! Dominoes have to be the cheapest manipulative out there! Here are some of my favorite domino games!
Domino and Playdough Sets
Kids love this one because they love playdough! Invite the children to roll a dice to get a number. Select one of the domino game boards. The children determine how many playdough balls they need to make so that the domino has the number of dots indicated on the dice. Want to build set for more than 6 dots? Make your own dice with numerals to 10!
Before, Between, and After
To play this game, turn all of the dominoes face down. Invite the children to select three dominoes. The children determine how many dots are on each domino and sequence them from least to most.
Load the Train
To play this game, give each child a train game board and a set of dominoes. Invite the children to select one domino at a time. Then, they determine how many dots are on the domino. Place the domino on the train car with that number.  Repeat with all of the dominoes. Reproduce a recording page for each child. Collect all of the dominoes on the"1". On the recording page, under the "1" write all of the combinations on the dominoes. Repeat for each number.
These games are some of the many games in this unit!
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