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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Did you Do It? Math Talk Anchor Chart

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Becky said...

I love this concept of using the anchor chart to explain how they solved the problem. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!! I plan on making this soon- hitting print now!

Lisa R. said...

This is great, because that is one thing that I notice students not being able to do is explain how they found the answer! Thanks for sharing!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jan said...

My Firsties have a difficult time explaining their reasoning- and this will be very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Karla Heleotes said...

I love this- being able to explain their strategies is such a integral part of understanding the math concepts. My kinders get tired of me asking "How'd you solve that?" but they love it when they come up with a "new" strategy and are are able to share with the class their new understanding. Can't wait to make this chart!

Lynne said...

I LOOOOVE your anchor charts! I have made several in the last 2 weeks from your Kim Adsit website. (Good fit books, what rymes with..., etc.) Today I will be making this one! Thanks so much for sharing your SUPER creativity!

Amy said...

Great idea! My focus with the kiddos this year was for them to be able to show and explain how they got their answer. At first this was a challenge for my students. They could get the answer but didn't have the vocabulary to explain the strategies used. So important for them to realize the process is as important as the result!

ramsey said...

I love these! Do you leave them up all the time?

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