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Monday, January 14, 2019

FREE Lesson Plan for Learning About Dr. King

I love teaching kids about Dr. King. He had such a positive message of peace and acceptance...things that are important TODAY! Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate:
One of our favorite activities to is to make Dr. King. The kids use simple patterns to cut, paste, and assemble.
Then, the kids write a nonfiction piece All About Dr. King. It always amazes me the things they learn!
Here is our hallway display!
Another fun activity is to make Dr. King a birthday cake. After making the cake, the kids do the simple "cut a sentence" activity for the Happy Birthday song.
Here's the finished product.
During math we did this fun story problem where the kids have to figure out how to share the balls when there aren't enough of them for each child to have their own. What a great life lesson!
Another fun fact about Dr. King---he had 4 children.  He had 2 girls and 2 boys.
Then, we explored other ways to make 4 children and made different combinations for 4.

We also learned about Rosa Parks and how Dr. King led a boycott following her bus experience.  For this activity, the kids roll the dice and count out that many kids. (Since there are 3 windows, the dice has all multiples of 3---3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18. After counting out that many children, the kids decide how many kids need to sit on each seat by sorting them into the windows.
During literacy we learned how to spell Dr. King's name. Then, we made a cheerleader book. Each flap lifts. Under the flap we sorted pictures by their beginning sounds.
Then, we used the onset and rime to make other ing words.
Here's what it looks like...
Then, the kids made their own "ing" book.
To finish up, we made this multi-flow map. First, we talked about what was wrong. Then, we talked about what Dr. King did. Last, we talked about what happened.
All of these ideas are included in this resource.

Do you celebrate Dr. King "all in one day" or "over a week"? It can be done either way--what works best for you! I have written a plan for each way!
Would you rather do it all in one day?
Or...maybe do just a little bit each day and spread it out over the week. You can grab both of these FREE below!
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