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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Celebrating Day 100 FREE Lesson Plans

Day 100 has become a much a part of kindergarten as crayons and pencils! I'm sure you celebrate this milestone, too! Do you do it all in one day, or spread it out over the week---kinda like celebrating your birthday for a whole week! At the bottom of this blog post you will be able to grab free lesson plans for celebrating it all in one day OR spreading it out over the week. 
First thing--find a Zero the Hero! This dad has twins so what better person! He dressed up like Zero the Hero and his kids were the zeros! He led our whole kindergarten team in exercises---100 of each!
Each of our children make a 100 collection in a water bottle. We bring those with us to "shake" during our exercises.
After that, we head to our special day 100 breakfast--a sausage "1" and "0" donuts!
Pictures of teachers dressing up like 100 year old people pepper social media. I dress up like a 100 year old man. I grabbed the wig at a party store, but the rest of the outfit came from the Goodwill.
Then, we get busy with our 100 Day activities.  For this activity, I used our letter stamps. The kids spin the spinner (0-10).  
Whatever numeral it lands on, the kids stamp that many of ONE letter into the tens frame. Then, they use a different letter to finish filling in the tens frame.  Below the tens frame, the kids write the combination for 10. Repeat 10 times. 
Circle cereal is perfect for making Zeros!  For this fun, tasty activity give each child 10 fruit loops of one color and 10 fruit loops of another color.  Have them select a numeral card (0-10). On the game board, they place that many fruit loops of one color. Fill in the game board with the other color of fruit loops.
Using the numeral cards, fill in the number bond.
Fill in the number bond book. Repeat 10 times.
This Zero the Hero glyph is a fun way to collect data.  The kids answer the questions as they build their own Zero the Hero. For example, if they like math that have a black mask, but if they like reading they have a blue mask.  Once the kids have built their Zero the Heros, gather on the rug to collect the data. You could ask, "How many people in our room like math best?  How can we figure that out?" (Count the black masks.)
Another fun way to use the fruit loop cereal is to make a 100 necklace. Invite the kids to put 10 fruit loops, all of one color, onto a piece of string.  Continue using different colors to make sets of 10 until you have 100 fruit loops on the string. Tie together to make a necklace.
Another fun activity is to make 100 Day Snack Mix.  Collect 10 different small food items.  Invite children to select the first food item and count 10 of them onto the given 10's frame.
After counting it onto the 10's frame, add it to your baggie. Move to the second food items. Continue counting onto the tens frame and adding to your baggie until you have been to all 10 food items. (100 snacks)
These Day 100 hats are the best! Invite each child to count out 10 strips that have been divided into 10 boxes. Using bingo dotters or sticky dots, put one in each of the divided squares.  This will give the kids 100. Staple the strips around a band to make a hat.
A must read for Day 100...The Wolf's Chicken Stew! In this book the wolf is coming to eat 100 chicks.  I used candy kisses (the chicks give the wolf 100 kisses) and added a yellow sticky dot on the bottom. 
 I numbered each of the chicks.  I made a 100's board using wolf clip art.
(Sorry about the blurry photo.) Then, I hid the chicks around the room.  The kids had to search around the room to find the chicks. Once they found one, they bring it back to the group area to find it's location on the 100's chart. Keep searching until they find all 100 chicks!
 The chicks love "uncle wolf" and give him 100 kisses. Then, he makes them 100 cookies. I wrote this fun poem about the event.
Then, we used cookie clip art to measure different items in the room.
As a culminating activity we have a school wide 100 Day Assembly.  Earlier in the month, we sent home a letter inviting families to donate requested items for a homeless shelter.  Each grade level collected one of the requested items. Kindergarten kids were to bring bandaides.  Over a few weeks we collected them.  Right before we went to the assembly, we count our bandaides. We want to have 100 boxes! If we are a few short, I make sure and pick up some extra boxes from the Dollar Tree. If your classes are small, put 2 classes together.  We also sorted, graphed and measured with the boxes throughout the week. 
You can grab this ideas in this Happy, Happy 100th Day Unit
 Want some easy to follow lesson plans? You can grab them for FREE.
Here is the plan for Celebrating Day 100 all in one day.
And here is the plan for spreading it out over the week.
You can grab them both below.
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