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Monday, October 16, 2017

Learning All About The Family

Family Fun! This post shares some of our favorite math and literacy activities for celebrating Families!
What fun is this? The kids follow the recipe to make a shape house cookie. After making the cookie, we sequenced the sentences to show the steps. Then, the children drew a picture of the shape house cookie and labeled the shapes.
For this math center, the children glued 8 houses of different colors on a strip of paper. Once they were glued down, the children sequenced the ordinal number house cards. Then, they completed the recording page by labeling the ordinal position of each house. 
After teaching the children the nursery rhyme, The Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe, we played this math activity.  The children rolled a dice to add boys and girls to their shoes. Then, they decided how many children altogether. We played several times before the children glued them down.
We love the book, The Doorbell Rang.  After reading the story, we completed this math story problem.  We played several times before using the recording page.
We learned the Shel Silverstein poem, Tree House/Free House. Then, the children surveyed their friends to see if they want to live in a tree house or a "street house". They converted their data to a graph and wrote their analysis.
Love using things that are FREE! I have a stash of magazines. I made a step book for each child. On each page, I wrote a letter or a word that each child needed to practice. Then, the children look through the magazine to find that letter/word. They cut them out and glue them on the page.
This is a fun way to work on descriptive vocabulary.  The children selected a clip art picture that represented someone in their family. Then, invite theme to write or dictate a description of that person.
We used this chart and interactive writing to make a list of things in a baby bag.  I have a baby bag with these things inside.  As I pull them out, we wrote the word beside the correct picture.  Then, the children made a baby. We used a paper plate to make a diaper book. Inside of the book, the children glued the pictures and wrote the labels for each.
 Over the course of the week, we completed this tree map, doing one section each day.  Tree maps are a GREAT way to introduce nonfiction writing.  Once the tree map is completed, the children can use the sentences to make a family book.
If you want to see more fun family activities, watch the video in the "preview" on the Family Fun Unit.
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