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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Geoboards: Activities for EVERY Standard

Are your geoboards collecting dust in the cabinet? Are you a new teacher and have been wondering what are those boards with rows of nails?  In this post I am going to share some of our favorite ways to use geoboards to teach EVERY math standard!
Counting: Make and Count
To play Make and Count:
  • Invite the children to select a pattern card.
  • Using linking cubes, copy and extend the pattern on the geoboards. 
  • Color the pattern on the recording sheet.
  • Once the pattern is complete, sort the cubes by their color.
  • Count how many of each color and record the numeral on the recording page.
When I am introducing this activity to my class here are the steps I follow:
  1. Introduce the game during a large group setting. Model and allow time for the children to practice making the pattern, sorting and counting.
  2. Next, play the game in small groups. Group your children based on your observations during the large group instruction. Introduce the recording page.
  3. After a few weeks, move the activity to a center. If it is going to be a "have to" activity, included the recording sheet. But, if it is a "can do" activity for early finishers, I do not use a recording page.
Data: Stretch and Graph
Stretch and Graph is a fun activity to teach analysis of data. Here is how you play:
  • Invite the children to select a numeral card.
  • Stretch a rubber band on the first column to cover that many nails.
  • Return the numeral card to the stack.
  • Select a second card and stretch a rubber band on the second column that many spaces.
  • Repeat for all 5 columns.
  • Invite the children to write an analysis of their data.
Geometry: Build a Shape
Build a Shape is a great activity to introduce the concept of how many sides are on a shape. Here's how to play:
  • Invite the children to spin the spinner.
  • Count rubber bands to match the numeral on the spinner.
  • Select a shape card with that many sides.
  • Use the rubber bands to build the shape.
  • Record the shape on the recording page.
Measurement: Make and Outline
Make and Outline is a fun way to teach children to measure a shape.  Here's how to play:
  • Invite the children to select a "make a shape" card.
  • Using rubber bands, make the shape on the geoboard.
  • Place a linking cube on each of the nails along the outline of the shape.
  • On the recording page, draw the shape and the cubes along the outline.
  • Count the cubes and record the numeral on the recording page.
Addition/Subtraction: Build It
Build It is a fun way to teach the concepts of combining sets (addition). Here's how to play:
  • Invite the children to spin the spinner and count out bands to match the numeral where the paper clip lands. (Use all one color of bands.)
  • Spin again. Count bands to match the numeral using a different color of bands.
  • Using the bands, create something.
  • Draw the design on the recording page. Write the addition sentence to match the bands.
Composing/Decomposing Number: How Many More
Here is a fun activity for teaching children to decompose a number.
  • Invite the children to put 10 cubes on the geoboard.
  • Turn over a card. (Cards have numerals 11-19.)
  • The children decide how many more cubes they need to make that number.
  • Then, they count the cubes and add them to the geoboard.
  • Draw the cubes on the recording page.
  • Write the number sentence to show how to decompose the number.
You can grab the How Many More? lesson plan, I can Card, game pieces, and recording page below.  It's Free!  Michele has done a fabulous job writing a detailed lesson plan on the 3 components of the lesson: I do, We do, and You do. 
 She also adds suggestions for how to differentiate this lesson for all of your little learners.
These are just a few of the 19 activities included in the Geoboard Manipulative Unit. 
You can see a video with all of the activities in the product preview.
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Kent Sommer said...
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KinderLearningBunnies said...

You've outdone yourself with this one. Way to go. I love it. My geoboards can now get the love they deserve. My class will be so excited. Thank you.

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