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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dollar Store Holiday Card Game Freebee

Yeah! Target has put out the Christmas items in their dollar spot. I love these decks of cards. (BTW, they also had sports cards.) In this blog post, I am going to show you an easy, peasy game! Scroll to the bottom of the post to snag this FREE game.

Getting Ready!
  • Each deck of cards is enough for two games.
  • Sort the cards with the black cards in one pile, the red cards in another pile, and the jacks, queens, kings, and jokers in another pile.
  • Throw the jacks, etc away. The red cards are for one game and the black cards can be used to make the game again.
  • Reproduce a game board for each the black cards and another one for the red cards.
  • Make the spinner using a paper clip, brad and bead.
To Play
  • This game is played with a partner.
  • Place the deck of cards between the players.
  • Each player turns over a card.
  • The players compare their cards for more and less.
  • Each player puts his card on the game board on the correct side—more or less.
  • The player with the less card, spins the spinner.
  • If it lands on more, the player with the more card gets both cards.
  • If it lands on less, the player with the less card gets both cards.
  • Repeat the game by inviting each player to turn over another card.
Add and Compare
  • Here’s another option….
  • Each player turns over two cards and adds them together.
  • Each player places his cards on the more or less side of the card—comparing the sum.
  • The player with less, spins the spinner.
  • If it lands on less, the player with less gets al 4 cards.
  • If it lands on more, the player with more gets all 4 cards.
  • You could also have children turn over 3 cards, add and compare.
Comparing-Place Value 
  • Invite each player to turn over three cards. (You could also play with each player turning over two cards.)
  • The players make a 3 digit number with their cards. (2 digit if they are playing with 2 cards.)
  • The players compare for more and less, placing them on the correct spot on the game board.
  • The player with less spins the spinner.
  • If it lands on less, the player with the lesser number, gets all the cards.
  • If it lands on more, the player with the greater number, gets all the cards.
I also picked up the Christmas Tree cards.
2 decks of cards, 4 game boards----8 kids playing! So….get to Target to pick up your cards and scroll to the bottom to get your boards as a FREE download.
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Unknown said...

Thanks Kim! You are always full of great ideas. Love it!

ronnie said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

So amazing! I was just looking for some new math station games and who doesn't "need" a reason to go to Target??? Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Adorable! Thank You!

Unknown said...

Love this!! My team and I stocked up on cards for the dollar aisle!!!

bmogee said...

Love your blog! So many helpful ideas. Really want to win the Kiosk!!!

Rita said...

Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I love your phonics and center ideas.

Unknown said...

Kim and the KinderGals Blog have excellent ideas and activities to help any Kindergarten classroom. I recently watched the Math Centers PD that was offered and would love to set up the 5 math stations,this is one of my goals for my classroom. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing, PLEASE!

Unknown said...

I like your blog its very helpful and I like colorful background. Points for style!

CATHY said...

ESGI saves me so much time!! Love it!! And what an AWESOME giveaway!!! thanks, y'all!! xoxo

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