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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peek at My Week-Learning About Food

Maybe not the best unit for 2 girls who are trying to lose weight! I mean really…talking about food all day can make you hungry even when you aren’t! That said, we are having a blast with this new unit!
So here’s what’s happening…
In reader’s workshop we have finally built up enough stamina to start calling guided reading groups. While during centers we work with all of the children, during reader’s workshop it is a little different. In the fall, we work with those kids who truly are ready to read. We have found that this push at the front end of the year really pays off. One reason…by January we are only meeting with these kids one time a week. Now, those kids who needed a little extra time are ready and we can meet with them more often! It seem to pay off in the end!Slide11
In writer’s workshop this week Megan set up a conferencing schedule. This way she was sure to check in with all of her little writers.Slide9
During our literacy centers we played this fun little game for segmenting sounds.
Last week I talked about how we have moved the Sound Off as a have to center for the beginning sound sorts and that during the foundational time we are working on those vowel sounds.
We are loving our Non Fiction study on food with our little leveled readers! We will snag some of those pictures next week.
We’ve started moving some of the things we have introduced into our “can do” centers. This week we introduced the playdough letters. They are a freebee in my fan freebee folder on facebook. You can get them (here).
We also introduced Deedee’s Overhead Center.
If you are wondering “What is an overhead?”, you are REALLY young! Smile
We introduced our Math Attack this week! I love this activity. It is so easy to DI! Each kid can work right in their “sweet spot” of learning. You can read more about them (here) and (here). The picture you see shows the game in color. But, if you don’t have a color printer or the $$$ for the ink, we made the games in b/w, too!
The big news is we finished our Geometry Unit. We are now starting our counting unit. Now that might seem too easy…but…here’s my thinking…We want our kids to not only be accurate with their work, we also want them to be AUTOMATIC! What is automaticity? It is getting it right without even having to think about it! The only way to develop this fluency is through repeated meaningful practice!
So now, hop on over to my friend Deedee’s blog to see a peek at the week of some other bloggers. 
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