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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Math Attack! Learning the Facts!

Just finished up this new pack, “Math Attack! Learning the Facts”,  for helping with everything from counting and cardinality to mixed addition and subtraction….one game I just change the cards depending on what my kids are working on! I have used these for years! I made my first sets the old fashioned way of cutting and pasting construction paper together or collecting items from the dollar store. Now with the computer it is fun to make the cards using such cute clip art! So many teachers asked me when I was presenting my “DI for the Little Guy Seminar” if I had any of them on tpt. Well now I do!
There are 10 different game boards, each available in color and black and white. Each game board comes with a set of matching clip art to use for the counting pieces. These 10 games are back to school and home and family theme—things you might talk about those first few weeks. I plan on doing a set for each season.
These are the reproducible cards and book covers that match the different levels.
So here’s how I use them:
For each level I have the children spread out the game boards.
Then, I have them add the dot cards, numeral cards, numeral combination cards, addition sentences, or subtraction sentences to each game board depending on what I have put in their baggie.
Finally the children count the pieces to match the cards. IMG_9773IMG_9774
For all the levels, except for the dots, I have the children record their work by making a little book like the one above. I love that I can have the same game in a center for all my kiddos. They just get their baggie and go to work! No making tons of games to meet each child’s individual level!
This pack is on tpt for 20% off until Sunday at midnight!
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Margo Adams said...

Love this idea! What a fun way to reinforce math skills.

Julie Stowe said...

Great Pack! I look at my 'old' resources and cringe. its so easy to make really great looking stuff now. EVen easier to buy someone elses!! Thank you.
Julie :)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Mary Finley said...

This is a really great way to teach math! I've been looking around for some new ways to teach my 9 year old some math skills. After taking him to a math tutor in San Jose, I noticed a huge difference in his math abilities but would like to teach him at home as well. Thanks for sharing!

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