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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Careful What You Ask For!!!

Last week when I posted about heading “north” to do some training, I pleaded for a little bit of measurable snow! Well…I got what I asked for! Now, I know for  Minnesota, North Dakota and others that this isn’t a big deal, but to me I finally saw enough snow to measure---7 inches! Many schools in Iowa closed for the day or had a late start so we really wondered if anyone would show up! We set up the registration, put out breakfast, set up the displays and hooked up the computer and began to wait! Well….if the elevator door didn’t just open up and out walked 4 very excited teachers! We told them how surprised we were and we were convinced they would be our only teachers that day. But, while we were suppose to have 100 teachers, 40 teachers we able to brave the weather and meet up for DI for the Little Guy! I had them all pose for a picture to show off their teacher determination!Slide1
That night we headed to Nebraska for the next day! The biggest surprise…some of the teachers who couldn’t make it to Des Moines showed up in Omaha! I also met Missy and her group! She was super excited about the Nebraska Kindergarten Conference in July! Deedee Wills, Shari Slone, and I will be there for two days! I am sure Deedee and Shari are planning great things and I can’t wait to see their workshops! For my part, we are doing a full day of make and take! Yep, you heard it…make and take! We will spend half of the day learning some new literacy ideas and getting to make some of them. Then in the afternoon we will do the same for math! Who’s in?
So what do we talk about at the DI for the Little Guy Conference? Here’s a pictures of the teachers looking at some math story problems. We had been talking about using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a way to go deeper into our standards. So here’s the question…Which problem is at a higher level of Bloom’s? The one on the left? Or the one on the right?
Did you guess right? The one on the left is more challenging. Here’s my thinking:
The story problem on the left works at the Create or Synthesis level of Bloom’s. The kiddos have to create the story problem. The story problem on the right works at the Application or Apply level of Bloom’s. Here the children have to apply what the know about operations to the problem.
Here is another post related to this topic.
In this post I was talking about Conceptual, Pictorial and Abstract Learning? Which do you think these are?
And finally…Shari has out her new CD, Oldies but Goodies! I am going to see her next week in Chicago at the ASCD Conference and I can’t wait to get my copy!!!
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Deedee Wills said...

Brrr... It sounds like you had a great time! Go mid-west teachers! Rah!

I always love to have you challenge my thinking with your posts (even if it is 5am here and I AM flying without a Diet Coke).

XOXO friend!!!

Miss Evans said...

Thank you for coming to Nebraska! It was nice visiting with and meeting you. Wonderful presentation. I'm looking forward to seeing you, Deedee & Shari this summer!


krazy4K said...

i would have so been there even in the snow!!! just wish you would send some of the snow our way to west tn.!
girl i couldn't get shari's new cd ordered fast enough!!! yea! i always tell teachers her cd's are a must for the classroom. can't wait to get her new one and can't wait to see you gals at vegas! btw are you scheduled for tenn., alabama, or georgia conferences this summer-trying to find another conference to attend this summer for 2 days. leigh ann :)

Taryn Ryan said...

Do you happen to know the dates yet of the Nebraska conference? I'd love to see you, Deedee, and Shari in July! I tried googling it and nothing came up....


Unknown said...

The Nebraska Conference is July 10 and 11th. I'm presenting for the first time there! Super excited! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Tracy Feeney said...

I'm so happy to say I knew the answer and my Kinders are answering word problems similar to that in their math journals daily. Glad to know that I am on the mark. I have learned to drop...All together, how many are left, and other context clues. Common core brings more rigor to the curriculum.

Amanda said...

Kim, I just got home from the ASCD Conference in Chicago! I truly enjoyed all the workshops. I know you got to see some snow there too! :)

I forgot to grab Shari's CD while I was there so I am headed to order it. It was great to meet you!

Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

Kim and Megan said...

Leigh Ann, You can check my website for a list of all the conferences/workshops that I am scheduled to do! See you in Vegas for sure!

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