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Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Spring Lake Elementary School! Just Beautiful!


Okay, so better late than never! I presented at the conference at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten back in July. Yep, that’s right, a whole school of kindergarten classes. It was pretty amazing. Here are some photos that I took there. First of all, I love a school that has well kept grounds. To me it just says we have pride in our school. The photo, bottom left, is an outdoor theater area. I love how they used the hill to make the seating. All I could think is how fun would it be to do reader’s theater there.Slide3

Inside the school was just as beautiful.  Murals were painted on many walls and all the teachers had signs like the one in the photo, top right.


Here were some photos from their library. Love the painted door! Both the car and the castle provided cozy places for kiddos to get comfy with books!


I was on the look out for dots! Ginny has the dot theme in her room and is looking for ideas. Love the cart on wheels! What  great way to roll around the supplies to where they are needed.Slide6

I have shared about the dots on the floor in my friend Michele’s room. (Photo, top middle.) Not sure how this teacher uses the dots, but in Michele’s room she would have the kiddos line up by giving them number clues…"get on a number that is more than 5.”  Or she might say, “Get on the number that is 4+1.” Or, “Get on the number that is one ten and seven ones.” You pick the clues to match your standards! Love it! A brand new teacher there covered boxes with wrapping paper to make her month display.



Okay, these seats are just too stinkin’ cute! Just love them. How special to come to the teacher table and get to sit on one of those!


How excited was I to see these poetry cards hanging in one teacher’s room. These are the poetry cards by Kim Jordano. The kiddos also make their own poetry book to go along with the larger cards. You can get them here on tpt!


This school loves Jack Hartmann, and I just love this cutout of him! It just made me smile. BSLK has hosted a Jack Hartmann concert for several years and I know they are doing it again Feb 2013. If you are in the Alabama area near Albertville, call and see if you can get in on that concert! I just love Jack. His music is spot on for those little boys who otherwise might not be too interested in singing! Check out his music here.

Jack gave me permission to make some of his songs into the little book format. I have those in my tpt store. They are a great way to bring that text to the song as you sing along. Also, they make a great listening center. Just put a cd pocket on the back of the book, burn the single song from your cd to match the book, and place it in the pocket. That way, the kiddos can get out the cd and listen to just that song as they follow along in the book. I have made over 20 of  his songs into little books. Here is one of the books:


Hope you enjoyed the tour! BTW, there were lots of bloggers and tpt sellers there! It was great to meet so many of them. If you were there, feel free to leave a comment if one of these pictures came from your room or if you attended the conference and want to share something you saw!

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Heather Mooney said...

That looks like such a fun school to work at! 100% kindergarten. Awesome.

Rachelle said...

How fun!!!! I'm loving all those cute decorated doors!!!

Unknown said...

I love the doors! I might just have to ask if I can do that to mine...;)
Gone Primary

Anonymous said...

WHere can I get the dots that stick on the floor??? Thanks!!! Love all that I see in these rooms!!

Kim and Megan said...

Michele made hers from paper and then taped them to the floor using the wide clear tape. These were vinyl. So I bet she cut them out and then they peel and stick to the floor.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Barclift's Lively Ladybugs said...

Hi there! I teach at BSLK. My door is the "Welcome" polka dotted door w/black background! It is much cuter now as I have pictures and names on there of my students from Meet & Greet. I personally have a Cricut machine but I used our Accucut diecut machine and adhesive vinyl for the dots on my floor. :)

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