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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving

This blog post shares some fun activities to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Number Line Mystery
To play this game...
  • Make a deck of cards with 4 different images: turkey, teepee, pilgrim and Native American. For each image make cards 1-10.
  • Shuffle the cards.
  • Lay them facedown in 4 rows with 10 in each row.
  • The first child turns over any card. He decides where that card belongs.
  • He picks up the card that is laying in that space, and replaces it with his card.
  • He hands the new card to the next child.
Syllable Sorting Drum Beats
To play this game...
  • Make a step book for each child.
  • Cut the book into the shape of a teepee.
  • Give each child a selection  of thanksgiving themed clip art.
  • Invite them to cut out the pictures.
  • Using the little plastic drum, the children hit the drum to count the syllables in each picture.
  • Glue the picture under the correct flap.
Thanksgiving Survey Graph
To play this game...
  • Give each child a graph.
  • Invite them to walk around the room and ask their friends the question.
  • After they tally the responses, they will create a graph.
  • Finally, they will write their analysis.
Turkey Story Problems
To play this game...
  • Invite the children to write their name or glue their pictures in the box at the beginning of the problem.
  • In this picture the children are using pictures to solve the problem.
  • If this is too challenging for your kids, consider giving them clip art images to manipulate to solve the problem. This is working at the conceptual level.
Ordinal Turkey Parade
To play this game...
  • Provide children with turkey clip art.
  • In this picture, the children colored the turkeys. But, you can also photocopy the turkeys on colored paper.
  • Invite the children to line up their turkeys.
  • Complete the recording page by telling the ordinal position of each color turkey.
Turkey Glyph
To play this game...
  • To create a glyph, ask the children questions like "Do you like corn?" If they say yes, they add a yellow feather.
  • Continue asking questions to create the turkey craft.
  • Now, the children analyze their individual glyph.
  • Then, analyze the entire class. For example, by counting the number to turkeys with yellow feathers, you will know how many children like corn.
****This Unit has been updated since this post to include better graphics. Here is the new cover.

****This unit has been updated to include better graphics and patterns. Here is the new cover.
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