KinderGals: Connecting Math, Literacy and Social Studies to Learn About the First Thanksgiving

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Connecting Math, Literacy and Social Studies to Learn About the First Thanksgiving

From October to January we move from one Holiday to the next creating memories, developing schema and growing dendrites all through highly engaging, rigorous activities. Here are a few of the activities we did this week as we are learning about The First Thanksgiving.
Making the Regalia
We learned that Native Americans of long ago, and on special occasions today, we special clothes called Regalia. We talked about these clothes being like party clothes. They wear the clothes to celebrate special events in their culture. We made quivers (for holding arrows). The kids laced their quiver together with a piece of yarn. Then, we used feathers which we dipped in black paint to draw Native American Symbols.
We smashed berries to make dye for our string. I have tried several types of berries, but the frozen ones seem to work best. They have more juice than fresh berries. After smashing the berries with a rock, the put a piece of cotton string in the bowl and dyed it. We placed the string on a paper towel to dry. We are going to make clay beads later in the week to string.
We made the vests using pattern block patterns and paper bags.
Thanksgiving Literacy Centers: _at Family Words
One of our literacy centers this week is to make a list of _at words. To make the spinner, I cut a hole in the Pilgrim's hat to make a "window". I made a wheel with onsets for the _at family. Then, I attached the wheel to the back of the card so that the onset would show in the window. The children move the wheel to create a new _at family word.
Mayflower Compound Words
The children cut apart pictures and matched them together to make compound words. We talked about Mayflower being a compound word.
Math Activities: Five Big, Fat Turkeys
We taught our kids a song about 5 Big, Fat Turkeys. Then, we used paper turkeys to make different combinations of 5.
Pattern Bead Necklaces
The kids colored patterns in this easy to reproduce bead necklace book. At the top of each page, it shows the children which pattern to make.
Social Studies and Graphic Organizers
We worked together to create a circle map where we wrote all of the words we associated with Thanksgiving. As I was modeling by making the large circle map, each child was engaged as they were writing the words on their smaller circle maps.
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Busy Bees said...

I am going to have to put the dying the string in my file for next year. How cool is that!! I bought your Thanksgiving Unit last year and loved it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kim and Megan said...

Robyn, My gooble gooble packet was out last year. The Happy Thanksgiving Packet is a new packet this year. The dtring dyeing is so much fun! Your kids will love and REMEMBER it!

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