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Friday, October 12, 2018

How to Make Personalized abc Flashcards

My youngest grandson recently came home with a letter from his teacher. She wanted each child in the class to have a set of alphabet flashcards. It was fall break, so my daughter in law came over for us to work on the project. Then, it hit me! Reading Recovery...Maria Clay...I learned many years ago through Reading Recovery that children learn letters best when they are personalized! That's when I decided to make Brody his own set of abc flashcards, all about him! Here's how I did it...
 First, I created a power point and changed each slide to 3x5. I added text boxes for the letters and the word, and then I added a cute frame.
 For each letter, Ginny searched her photos on her phone for just the right picture. I inserted the picture, added a border, and centered on the card.
This is a screen shot of the slides once I added all of the pictures.  Next, you will need to save the power point as a png. This can be easily found in the pull down menu. By doing this, you are creating a "picture" of each slide.
 Next, create a new power point.  Insert a table like the one above.
 Now, go to "insert picture" and find where you saved the png's you created.  Insert them into the power point and place one in each of the boxes.
Once you do all of the letters it will look like this.
Now you are ready to print, laminate and cut! To make it easier for you, I have already made the templates. I made the power point for the individual  pages. On each page, you will insert pictures you select. Then, in the "apples" box, add the name of the picture. Save the power point as a png.
Locate the new png images on your computer and insert. I have made this template for you as well.
You can grab both of these pages below. **This is a "zipped" folder. You will need to "unzip" to get to the forms.
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Unknown said...

Kim, I want to make these for my little people. These are amazing. I can't seem to find the link though. Have a wonderful weekend! You are the best!
Elizabeth Davis

Kim and Megan said...

Put your email and name in the boxes provided at the bottom of the blog post. I will send it to you.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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