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Monday, August 8, 2016

6 Easy Peasy Dominio Games

Kids finishing their math centers at different times is something that happens all the time.  As teachers we are constantly looking for ways to manage those early finishers.  Megan and I use the idea of "can do" centers...activities that you "can do" once you finish your "have to".  We want these activities to be easy enough so that the kids can do them with very little direction. We also want them to be multi-leveled so they can be played by different learners at all different times of the year.

Today I did a Facebook Live Video to share 6 easy peasy domino games. Here are the ones that I shared. You can also watch the Facebook Live video here.

6 Easy Peasy Domino Games

Hundreds Chart Dominoes
  • For this  game you need a hundreds chart, some pieces to cover the numerals and some dominoes. 
  • Invite the children to turn all the dominoes face down.
  • Turn over a domino and decide what two digit numeral is on the domino. For example, if the domino has 4 dots on one side and 2 dots on the other, the number can be 42 or 24.
  • Cover the numeral on the board.
  • The children try to cover a vertical or horizontal line on the hundreds chart.
Playdough Dominoes
  • For this game you need the domino game boards, playdough and a recording sheet.
  • Give the children a number for which you would like for them to build number combinations.
  • The kids take one of the game boards and decide how many more they need to make the given number. For example, if they are making combinations for 7 and they have 3 dots on the domino game board, then they need 3 more.
  • Using the playdough, make 3 balls to place on the opposite side.
  • Record the answers on the recording page.
Before, Between, and After
  • For this game you need the game board, dominoes and a recording sheet.
  • Invite the children to turn the dominoes face down.
  • Turn over 3 dominoes and put them in order from the least to the greatest.
  • Record the answers on the recording page.
  • ****If your children are having difficulty with this it might be that they are not ready for the pictorial level for this particular standard. If so, you might want them to count unifix cubes to match the dots on each domino. This would give them a conceptual understanding of the standard.
Train Car Dominoes 
  • For this first game you need the domino train game board, dominoes, and a recording page.
  • Invite the children to turn all the dominoes face down on the table.
  • Selecting one domino at a time, the children will organize them on the game board by the total number of dots on the domino.
  • Once all the dominoes are sorted, select all the dominoes for a given number.
  • Find that number on the recording page and write all of the combinations.

If you want to see the other two games....head on over to Facebook to see them in the video!

All of these games, as well as others, are included in the Domino Game Pack. You can find it here.
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