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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Davy Crockett: American Folk Hero FREEBEE!

Ginny recently did a fun activity with her first grade team. This post shares how they organized the event and what Ginny did in her room. There is a free print out for Ginny's activity.

My daughter in law, Ginny, is teaching first grade this year. A few weeks ago she told me about something cool they do at her school to teach the Folk Heroes to the first graders. Here’s how they do it.
  • There are 6 teachers on the team.
  • Each teacher was assigned a folk hero according to their social studies standards…Ginny got Davy Crockett.
  • Each Friday, they rotate classes and teach their folk hero to that class. They go to one class each week.
  • All 6 classes will rotate through Ginny’s room while Ginny’s kids are learning about a different folk hero from each of the other 5 teachers.
  • In 6 weeks, they have learned all about the folk heroes, but each teacher had only one prep!
I helped Ginny get a few ideas together. You will be able to download the entire freebee unit  at the bottom of this blog post. First, I did a little research to find out about Davy Crockett. Then, I created a power point that she could show on her smart board. You could also print the pages and create a book!
I made a log cabin step book for the Davy Crockett Time Line. The children cut apart the sentences about Davy Crockett.
We read and sequenced the sentences. As we read each sentence, we decided the sequence.  HEADS UP!….Next time, I think we will sequence the pictures first! That way, we can just talk about the pictures, refer back to our power point as needed, and sequence the pictures.
Then, they took each picture and matched it to the sentence. AGAIN, next year after the pictures are sequenced, we can read each sentence and match it to the correct picture.
Davy Crockett Step Book…If you aren’t sure how to make a step book, you can watch this video clip to see how!

You will find the sentences and the pictures in the freebee.
I also included a few other options, like this cut and paste Davy Crockett labeling activity and this Davy Crockett Tree Map, depending on how much time you have.

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