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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where Do You Teach?

As most of you know I retired from the classroom about 5 years ago.  I am so lucky that Megan decided to become a teacher! I can’t imagine not having a classroom I can go to anytime I want to! So where do I teach or spend my days?
First of all, my most important, and the most fun, job these days is being a Gammy to these two boys. Not to lie, I loved them as babies, but this year has been great! They can play together long enough for me to even answer an email. Plus, they are easy to take out. Last year I don’t think I left the house! I love, love, love this age! I usually keep them 2-3 days a week.
   Since I work from home for a big part of my job, this is my hangout! So what am I doing in there?….getting ready to work with awesome teachers!
I love presenting at conferences and at seminars, BUT when I get to work in schools with small groups of teachers…I love it! This fall I was able to work with teachers in Louisiana on developing powerful questions.
And I worked with a group in Lowell, MA on developing math games! I love all of the hands-on work that you can do with smaller groups. Let’s get honest, how much make and take can you really do in 75 minutes with 200 people at a conference? You know how when you work with your small groups for guided reading and you really feel like you are getting somewhere? Well, same thing here! I feel like it is really going to make a difference. I also love that I get to go back to these schools for several visits. This way, I get to see teachers actually implementing many of the strategies we talked about.
Ok—so how about Megan?  Well most of you know, Megan changed schools this year. She taught kindergarten for 7 years in a county that was about 30 minutes north. This year, she decided to move to the county where we live to teach. She hated leaving her team and the kids at her school, but she is finding her groove in a whole new situation! She is in a new school. She has a new team. She has 2nd grade!!!! Yes, second grade!  To say there has been a learning curve would put it mildly. We have both spent a lot of time reading about second grade and collecting great resources from some of the best second grade teacher we know---Thanks Amy Lemons, Katie King, and Hope King for all of the help! Plus, we have really loved planning some of our new ideas!
Here are a few pictures from inside the front door.
Here is how she organizes her community supplies for each table. We made the labels on FULL sheet labels. Then, we just cut them on a paper cutter! So much easier!
Keeping things organized! Each table has a stacker with the things they will need each day. Got the cardboard cubbie boxes at Office Depot. In and Out board for the bathroom! What is it with the bathroom!!!???? Geeze! They love that place!
keeping it warm and personal.  Love taking their family pictures during Open House. We display those in the classroom.
This is the classroom library. You  can read more about it here.
IMG_2691 (2)IMG_2613IMG_2692 (2)IMG_2609
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Unknown said...

Wow! Her classroom is beautiful! I especially like the idea of framing the pictures you take during open house and displaying them! I'm going to pin it so I can remember it for next year. :)

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