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Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Little Scientist Wishlist

Every year we try to pick something to concentrate on. This's all about science. To be honest, science is an area that I might not feel as confident teaching as I do when I'm teaching  reading, writing and math! That's all the more reason to focus here, right? I have to really study to teach science. It isn't something that I was ever really interested in as a child.  My husband eats it up! So here's how the conversation often goes, "Andy, how does a star explode?" Andy's reply: "greek, greek, greek, greek." I then find myself on a science for kids website looking for an explanation, an explanation where I know all the words!
As we were developing our first science unit, The Scientific Method and Science Tools, we found that we didn't have all of the tools we wanted to explore. We had some, but others were either broken, missing, or there just wasn't enough of each one. So...enter Andy....again. He came to my rescue and helped me compile a list of everything I needed to order. I thought I would share the links with you in case you were looking for any of these tools.  It will make it easier than shopping all over Amazon!
My goals this year:
To instill a love of science in our little ones. They naturally love it!
To become more confident as a teacher of science.
To develop some super fun, informative units using the workshop model of teaching.
To do something that is challenging and rewarding!
To blog about our journey.
Happy Shopping!
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1 comment:

AdamsApples said...

I am excited to see what you come up with for the science units! I love so many of your other units...I teach science for my kinder team (we all have a strength we teach and classes rotate throughout the week)and I love teaching those natural little scientist the wonders of science. Thank you for all you do and have done to support teachers like me!

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