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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4 Easy Steps: Reader’s Workshop Mini Lesson--Video Clips and Freebee

Hey Guys! I thought I would share a few video clips today of a Reader’s Workshop Mini Lesson that I did in Megan’s room last year.  I hope that seeing the video will help you see just how easy it is! Here are the 4 steps, each with a video clip, for a Reader’s Workshop Mini Lesson. Oh….and remember that these lessons are short and sweet. They should only last 10 minutes!
readers workshop 1
First step, connect to prior knowledge. This gets all of the kids in the same place! They are all building on whatever you taught them yesterday in your mini lesson and not on something you taught them last week. By using the same words each time the brain knows what is coming! “The brain learns by pattern, but seeks novelty!”  Here is what that looks like:
readers workshop 2
Second step, teach the new concept. It is important that we remember to model exactly what we want the kids to do. During modeling we want to share our thinking. Tell them how you figured it out. What were you saying in your head?  Share it all with them! Then, show them how it will look when it is their turn. Here is a video clip of that part:
readers workshop 3
Third step, active engagement. This is where the kids have their turn. Here are a few things about active engagement:
  • They practice whatever you taught them RIGHT on the carpet. We don’t want to send them off to their seat or another spot to practice.
  • This will be a time when you are seeking 100% engagement, so use elbow partners instead of asking for kids to raise their hands.
  • You will “listen in” as the children are talking. Ask yourself, “who is getting it? Who do I need to call to my small group for further practice? Was the lesson effective or do I need to think of a different way to teach this concept?
Here is what that part looks like:
readers workshop 4
The final step, Link. Here is where we remind kids of what good readers do. We are basically restating the standard for the lesson. Then, we want the kids to turn and repeat these words to their partner. This helps to build that academic vocabulary.  I usually build my anchor charts during the Link. When I first started Reader’s Workshop, I would build my anchor charts during the teach portion of the lesson. Then, I found myself forgetting to do it! This way I remember and it is a good way to restate the standard one more time!
Here is what that part looks like:
Here is an anchor chart from the first unit we teach, Blasting Off! At the beginning of the year, it is important to teach the expectations for the mini lesson. So…since we are thinking Back to School, scroll to the bottom to snag this FREE We are Ready to Learn Anchor Chart.

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kindergals said...

All four videos:

Unknown said...

Super stuff! Thank you for all your hard work. I have so many of your packets- blasting off is one of my favorites

LRichards said...

I love the tape measure that you have made to use with the words! Is this in one of your units?

kinder-gardening said...

That tape measure thingy is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Unknown said...

I could not adore you more!!!!!! Loved watching you in action!

Kim and Megan said...

The tape measure activity is from Unit 7 Reader's Workshop. Here is the link

Jennifer said...

Love this post!!!

David and Keely said...

I own all of your workshop units and love them. Thank you very much for the videos. I am a visual person so seeing it really helps me!

Jen Graff said...

Thank you for sharing! Love the videos :)


Actor in Training said...

Hello Kim - I saw you last year in Vegas in the Writer's Workshop session. I purchased your Building Writers Bundle. Love it! But I still wasn't sure about the routine since this was our first year starting. I emailed you earlier this year about the videos you showed and you weren't sure how to get those up. I was back at the I TEACH K! conference this year and attended your Back to School Bootcamp and DI for the Little Guy sessions and I know you planned those especially for me GIRL! lol :) Just wanted to say thank you so, so, so, so very much. I feel extremely confident that I will be presenting the information and anchor charts to my students this year with a much better understanding. You are my HERO! You are "Definitely" the content QUEEN in my book. Your sessions were off the charts. Continue to do what you do. You give me so much hope and encouragement for the new year.
Hugs and kisses - Pearl
P.S. - Good luck this year with Megan and the new class.

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