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Thursday, April 16, 2015

5 Dollar Store Deals You Just Have to Have!

Do you like to shop the Dollar Tree, The Target Dollar Spot, or other stores with great Dollar Deals? do I! Read below to see just how badly I like to go! This post has some Target Dollar Spot Finds!
I finally did it! I finally took both boys, by myself, shopping! Now I know that for some of you this is an every day event. But for this grandma to take two babies under the age of 2 shopping was quite an undertaking. Let’s just say I “might” have been bribed into buying a slushie at Target!  And….it was before lunch!
In the dollar spot I hit the jackpot! Nonfiction, lift the flap books for a dollar! There were 8 titles and I grabbed up one of each. As I headed back to the seasonal area, I found all the Easter supplies for 70% off! Now is the time to stock up  on those eggs so that you will have them for your farm or oviparous animals units and for NEXT Easter.
Later that night Megan, Ginny and I headed to the Dollar Tree. Another jackpot! We found these music books for a dollar each. These will work perfect in our music center.
We found the frog box in the gift wrapping area. The lips were stuck on the box. So, I just pulled them back and cut a slit. Now you can feed the frog anything you want….beginning sounds, rhyming, sight words, etc.
Love the coconut sippy cups. We got 10 of them to  make a bowling game. To play:
  • Stand all 10 cups in a bowling pin formation.
  • Roll a real coconut to knock down the pins.
  • Now tell your combination for 10. “5 standing up and 5 knocked down.”
Last, I picked up these dive sticks. During a recent post on using manipulatives (here), I explained a fun game that will be perfect for these fish.
Here’s how you play:
  1. Collect a bowl of water and the fish.
  2. The children roll the dice and put that many fish in the water.
  3. Roll again. Now they must decide whether they need to put some in(addition) or take some out (subtraction.)
  4. If they have 5 fish in the bowl and they roll a 3, then they take 2 fish out of the bowl.
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Kelly McFarland said...

What great finds! I really like your simple fish game. How fun! Thanks for sharing.

Lattes and Lunchrooms

Unknown said...

So jealous, wish we had stores like that in Hawaii! FYI, those sippy cups are pineapples, not coconuts. I know about Dollar Tree, but there are $5 stores? Thanks for sharing your finds.


Kim and Megan said...

Oh my goodness. I must have been tired. You are right. They are pineapples. This post is 5 ideas of things from the dollar store. Btw. I loved Maui when we were there a few years ago. Would love to go back.

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