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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Down on the Farm/Christopher Columbus Week 9 Peek at My Week

Learning about the voyage of Christopher Columbus is included in our Social Studies curriculum.  After the Peek at My Week, I shared a few things we did to make the day extra fun. UPDATE: If you already own this unit, I recently (August 2016) made revisions to make it easier for the teacher! Be sure you go to your "my purchases" section on tpt to get the updates!
New Unit for Reader’s Workshop this week! Now, we are going to get deep! We spent the first two months really working on the who, what, where, when and how of reader’s workshop, and now everything is running smoothly and we are ready to start Digging Deeper!
In Writer’s Workshop we are giving all the things we have learned so far a name….Personal Narratives. Next week we will introduce the rubric and have the children evaluate their own writing! Crazy, right?
Most of our centers this week are around either Farm (which we will be doing next week as well) or Christopher Columbus.
I added Deedee’s Listening Unit to our centers this week. Love these!
I took advantage of two long plane trips this week to do a little revision…I totally revised the literacy game pack. If you already have it, go to your my purchases and you can get the update there.  I did add 2 editable pages for the sight word game so that you could pick your own words.
I also revised the Farm Math Game pack and added another game. Again, if you already have it, you can get that new game by going to your my purchases section and downloading the updated version.
Here is some of our Christopher Columbus fun from last year…Making the Sphere Circle Map out of our globes.
This is the unit where I do our sink and float standards. Coke Floats!!! A big hit!
They loved making their Christopher Columbus’. We made the dolls in one of our centers. Then, in small group I worked on the labeling in their non fiction books. I grabbed the bubble map from someone’s blog. I can’t believe I forgot to note who’s blog. Is it yours?
Now head on over to Deedee’s blog and see what other teachers are doing this week.
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