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Monday, June 9, 2014

Me Time Monday Linky!


Today I am linking up with my friend Amanda at One Extra Degree to share how I spend my “me time.” To tell you the truth, I’m not very good at it! Probably like most of you, I am pretty much in “go mode” most of the time. Most of my life is spent working on presentations and traveling to workshops. It is sometimes hard to find that balance between work and play. I have a few distractions that are helping me find that balance—Brody and Matthew. My most favorite way to spend my “home time” is with these two boys! Yep, that’s right, TWO! Baby Brody was born just two weeks ago!  Matthew and Brody are 1 year, 3 days apart in age!  I just can’t imagine how much fun they are going to be growing up just a few miles from each other. I have baby proofed my den, kitchen and breakfast room. Andy built us a rather fancy gate in the hall to keep them in those areas. Tyler built us an awesome playscape (calling it a swing set doesn’t do it justice), the gate has been secured on the pool to keep them either in or out, picnic tables and water tables are added to the back porch, toys are organized in bins placed on a bookshelf hidden behind the sofa, books are in a basket placed on the “school table”, baby swing, changing table, bottles,  sippy cups and diapers are stocked….I am sure there are many things we will find that we need to do as they grow older but, yep I would say we are ready. Andy and I are so excited to be Gam and Pops! We can’t wait to build forts, go swimming, camping, hiking, cycling, scouts, baseball, “mud boggin”…All this fun, and we don’t have to worry about bedtimes, getting up at night, or any of the other “not so fun” things that come with being the parents.

BUT….when I  want some me time. alone time….


you will find me outside. I love being outside, especially in the spring and summer. I don’t mind being hot. Sweat doesn’t bother me. I love to dig in the dirt! It’s a perfect stress reliever. I started loving yard work after my kids were born. After a long day of parenting, when Andy would come home from work…I would hand them off and tell him I was going to mow or edge or plant something. It was quiet and peaceful. No one calling Mom, or fighting, or chattering…just me and the good ‘ol outdoors. But, it also made me fell like I had accomplished something! I am super task oriented!


I do a lot of container gardening as it is so hot and dry. Containers makes it easier to keep things watered. The pot in the bottom left is a special pot. It was made by one of my room mothers 10 years ago!


I would rather be on the back porch than inside! We are still wanting to add that outdoor kitchen, but …..$$$$$$! Someday!


Here are some pictures from my back yard.


The other day I was cleaning up this baker’s rack on my back porch. I picked up the vase to put it away when out flew a bird! I looked inside and there was a nest with 5 little blue eggs. I carefully put the vase back on the shelf. This weekend my 10 year old niece was over at the house. I told her to go and look in the vase to see the eggs. She carefully approached the vase and tried to peek inside. She said, No eggs! Could it be, did the cat or the squirrels find the nest?! I carefully picked up the vase and looked inside. And there were baby birds! So tiny, like just hatched tiny! I have loved sitting on the back porch watching the mama bird fly back and forth carrying things in her mouth back to the babies. As I was writing this post, I was thinking, how does that mama bird find any down time? She is much like “my girls” Megan and Ginny. Busy being a mom. Flying around, taking care of her babies, but still takes the time to fly to the tree, sit on a branch and sing!

Be sure and hop over to Amanda’s blog and read how she, and other bloggers, spend their “me time”!

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Julie said...

Your grandboys are precious!!

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