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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our First Ever, Peek at my Week…MLK Style

 Whether you want to celebrate MLK for one day or for a whole week, this blog post has plans to help you! This post contains lesson plans for a whole week of learning about Dr. King as well as a lesson plan for a full day of learning.
Slide2We are so excited to do our first ever“Peek at my Week” post. Wooza! Our hat goes off to those teachers who have been doing this every week for a few years…it is A LOT of work! But, BOOYAH, we did it, and we are proud!
What are we doing this week? Hooray for MLK Day! We are sharing the way we like to do it, “MLK all in One Day”, and another option “MLK, a Little Each Day”. We like to “do it all in one day”, throwing our regular schedule aside for that day. It makes that day seem special and unique from other days. Our kids will remember and share stories from our adventures on this special day all year!
We know that this doesn’t fit everyone’s style, so we decided to show you another option of doing a few activities each day mixed in with the other activities you plan.
We sure hope you like it!  By us sharing this plan, hopefully it will help you. We know it helped us to organize the unit, because, when you share your ideas, it makes you think through things a little more closely. These ideas are from our Hooray for MLK Day unit.
Hooray for MLK Day_Page_1
Some of the books we like to use to develop that necessary schema are below.

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Unknown said...

Looks good! I am about to have a little frenzy on Amazon <3
Have a great week!

Deedee Wills said...

This looks like an amazing way to celebrate! Thank you for linking up and making this so easy to follow! Love you friend!

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