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Friday, November 8, 2013

Celebrating Reader's Workshop

Friday was celebration day! Megan has just finished up Unit 1 in Reader’s Workshop…yes, she’s a little behind. When Matthew and I arrived, the kiddos were all busy at the tables drawing pictures of things they like to read about.
Then, they all moved to the floor and made a circle! Let the crazy begin! I am sure if you have ever tried to do a craft with 27 kids all at the same time, you have a mental image of what was going on! That said, it was a blast!
Megan used the pattern to cut the heads, but gave them squares of white, black and pink paper. The kids rounded off the corners to make circles! They did great! (Hmmmm they didn’t all look like circles, but…..)
After adding the hair, we gave them each a piece of paper. Megan demonstrated how to fold it, and most of them were successful!Slide5
They added their name badge,their arms and hands. Then, they glued their writing inside of the shirt.
After they left, Megan had me staple the hearts and hang them on the bulletin board. They turned out soooo cute!
So now….on to Unit 2, Powerful Partnerships! We are playing a little catch up. So we are looking at the lessons to see which things can be taught at another time of the day, which things were covered already, and which things we can NOT skip! Hopefully we can get back on track! That said, Megan and I both feel that it is better to give them a firm foundation in these first two units and not skip lessons! It pays off BIG time in the end!
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Nicole said...

The little readers are so cute! Love the hair!!

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