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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Classroom Management: Establishing Routines and Procedures

So is the honeymoon over for you and your kids? This is the time of the year when their behavior can really start getting under my skin.
Last week was Megan’s first week with her class after a 12 week maternity leave. Her sub did a great job, but we all have our pet peeves, and she has some retraining to do…especially with the holiday season approaching.
She got right to work with establishing her expectations. She used some of the things in my new Tackling Transitions Pack. This pack was developed when I updated my “All Eyes on You” classroom management workshop and decided to bundle all the ideas into a pack for tpt. 

The first part of this pack is designed to help with those day to day transition times that can often be difficult and exhausting! We all get tired of asking kids to behave, so…..instead here are some fun games that will help you get the job done! While one set has catch phrases and another has a “happy rock” sign, the other 4 sections include multiple versions of the same game. That way you can change the clip art throughout the year to keep it fresh and exciting.
Slide13Slide5So the question is, “What do you do when they accomplish the goal?” “How do I celebrate?” Well, it is my belief that simple is best! The children are just as excited to blow bubbles or write with sidewalk chalk. Talk to your kids. Ask what they would like to be working for. I add “happy rocks” to the happy rock jar for accomplishments, then when the jar is full…we celebrate!
Slide47The second part of this pack is designed to give you some activities that you can use as transitions from one activity to another. There are interactive charts, flip books, cookie sheet activities, and folder songs. There are seasonal selections so that you will have a variety to use throughout the year. The words to each song or poem are also included in a reproducible format so that you can use it in your poetry journal. The common core standards are included as well.
There are 7 interactive charts, 5 flip books, 1 cookie sheet activity, and 3 folder songs. Priced individually this pack would be $45! It is priced at $20, but is on sale for $15 until Halloween.
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1 comment:

Kathy Griffin said...

This looks amazing and timely Kim. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we know what that means:-)

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