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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dice Storage and Games to Play with Dice

Do you have all of those dice in a bag thrown in a closet? Can you find them quickly when you need them? This post will help you get those dice organized!

 Dice Storage

  • I picked up this storage unit in Wal-mart. It is back in the section where they have the light bulbs, paint, etc.
  • I sorted my dice. Usually when I purchase dice, I purchase 8 of each kind. This makes it where I can use the dice in a small group and still not stress if I lose one or two!
  • Make a label for each kind of dice and tape it to one of the drawers.
  • Put the dice in the correct drawer.
  • You are done! Ready for use!

Using the Dice

There are many ways to use the dice when playing games. I love open ended board games. You can easily differentiate the game just by giving different children different dice.
Give them a dot dice and they say how many dots. This is called subitizing.
Give them a numeral dice and they say the numeral.
Give them a dot dice and a numeral dice. They say the number then count on the dots.
Give them two dice, or a double dice, and have them add the two together.
Give them two dice, or a double dice, and have them subtract the two.
Give them a dot dice and have them say how many dots, now move one more than you have dots, two more, one less, two less.
I could go on and on…..
Here are a few fun games for dice:

Let's Take Turns

  • Collect a piece of bulletin board boarder. Or, create a strip using clip art or stickers.
  • Put a unifix cube on the center monster.
  • Give the first child a dice. They roll the dice and move the cube that many spaces toward themselves.
  • The second child rolls the dice and moves the SAME cube toward themselves.
  • They keep moving the same cube back and forth until it comes off the end of the strip.
  • Put in the middle and start over.

Racing Game

  • Make a game board with 3 strips of boxes.
  • Make three game pieces, or you can use cubes. These game pieces have rabbits.
  • Put the rabbits along the bottom by the title.
  • The child rolls a dice.
  • They move the rabbits toward the carrots.
  • They can move one rabbit all the spaces, or they can split the roll between the rabbits.
Number Line Races
Create a number line from 1-10 or 1-20.
Collect tiny pieces to place on each numeral.  I am using bird clip art.
Make a game piece or use a cube.
Invite the child to roll the dice.
They move their game piece that many spaces down the number line and remove the bird on that number.
Now, they roll again. This time, they can move forward or backwards on the number line.
The object of the game is to collect all of the birds.
This is a great strategy game!
Looking for more games to play with dice? You might want to check out this unit:

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