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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fire Truck Cookies Brace Map

As many of you know, in August Andy and I moved to Washington DC where he once again is a student. When, Andy told me he was going to take me away from my southern roots, I was less than thrilled! After some tears and looking at this more as an “extended vacation” I finally gave in to the idea. I have lived in my home town for over 40 years along with all my sisters, my mom, my nieces and nephews, and most importantly both of my kids and their spouses! Now, I am living right in the middle of downtown DC! We live just a few blocks from the National Mall with all the monuments and a few blocks from the White House. There is always somewhere to go, something to do, and another quaint little restaurant with outdoor dining for dinner—all within walking distance. So what is missing? Well, how about a Dollar Tree, a Hobby Lobby, a Michaels, a Walmart, a school supply store? Nope…none of them in DC. What’s a girl to do? One day while Andy was in class I did a little internet search to find a craft store and a school supply store. Let’s just say when he got home, he was greeted by one very excited teacher who had set the adventure for the evening! After over an hour of driving in traffic we arrived at the Michaels. I was like a crazy woman trying to decide what I needed to get! Then, off to the Lakeshore, just a quick 10 minutes away.Slide2
See all my purchases! I think I bought all the scarpbooking paper they had! Another issue with DC is the whole grocery shopping thing! We have a CVS right out the door of the apartment, so simple things are there. But when we need REAL groceries, it is quite an ordeal. We either have to drive, and then if you can find a place to park, pay $20. Or,take the metro! Either way, quite an ordeal. So while we were out, I wanted to make a grocery store run. I was looking for food items that could be the parts of a fire truck.Slide3
So here’s what I came up with! And here’s what it looked like when I got home and put it together!
I wanted a concrete way to show the parts of a fire engine without doing an art activity!  I made a poster brace map and used the “craft/cooking” as the connection. The parts on the right side of the poster, are attached with velcro.  I did make a recording sheet where the children can then draw the parts of the fire engine to make their own brace map. BTW, I had them frost the fire trucks with either red or yellow frosting. Since not all fire trucks are red, I wanted to be able to turn this into a graphing activity. “Did you make a red or yellow fire engine?”
The fire engine brace map is part of my new Fire Fighters Unit. I am putting the finishing touches on it and it should be ready by tomorrow! So I’m off to the National Mall. Target is sponsoring some reading event with lots of different authors! Can’t wait to see if I get to meet any of them.
**Update: The unit is ready! You can get it here.
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Spedteacher said...

I live an hour north of DC in Maryland. If you need someone to show you around or a fellow Kindergarten teacher to talk to I would love to.

Kelly said...

I live about 30 minutes SOUTH of DC and we are planning to have another blogger meet up soon! I really hope you can come! OHHH and if you are really looking for some time in a Kindergarten classroom....CHOOOOSE ME! :) I would love to have you!

Mrs. Anderson said...

I love the parts of a fire engine food activity. Thanks for sharing!
Connie Anderson:)

Cindy said...

Oh are so very close. I am already feeling inspired.
I live about 45 minutes south of DC and would love to have you come visit my oh so modest classroom. Anytime you feel the need to teach, come on by.
I love the National Book Festival and I'm planning on going tomorrow.


Deedee Wills said...

So cute! I love the fire truck! This will come in handy in about a week!!! Have fun in your new city, but don't lose your y'all!

Rachelle said...

That fire truck is ADORABLE!!!! I can't wait to see your new packet!!! Love the picture of you!!!!

SCTiger said...

You can bring the best of the south to D.C.!
Congrats on being brave and adventurous! Love the activity!
Literacy Minute

Unknown said...

Hi Kim! I also live in DC, just off the mall so if you have any questions or you're looking for a first grade class to visit just let me know! =)

Also, lots of grocery stores will validate parking for an hour or an hour and a half. Just to make grocery shopping a little easier for you.

Have fun at the National Book Festival! It's one of my favorite activities!!

Karen Stamp said...

I'm sure this is VERY different from your southern roots, but you'll have many new adventures in our nation's capital!! We're about 30 minutes south of DC and would LOVE to have you for a visit--and for our next blogger get-together (I see Kelly and Cindy already replied above!) PS LOVE the how the fire truck turned out... and we have yellow ones here!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

Kim, I met you at the National Kinder Conference in Vegas a few years ago. You are one of my favorites! My son is stationed at Ft. Myer/Arlington National Cemetery, where he is in training to be a tomb guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We have visited DC many times and LOVE it (although it's a big change for this Tennessee girl). Although there are no local craft/hobby stores, there is an IKEA store nearby, which I love! And there's the Library of Congress, which is my favorite building! So many neat things to get teachers excited in that area. Enjoy! Janetta

Kim and Megan said...

I should have done this post a long time ago! Who knew that so many of ya'll lived right here in the DC area! (Did you notice the ya'll? I tell you I am a southern girl!) I would love to come to a blogger meet up! Just let me know the time and place! For those of you in the area that have offered your classrooms, yipee! Email me at, especially if you are close to a Metro line! If any of you head to the city, let me know! Would love some "girl" time--maybe catch a bite to eat or something to drink! Rachel, you must live really close to me! We are only a few blocks from the National Mall. I am in Penn Quarter. Cindy, wish I knew ahead of time just what that was. We could have met up and spared my husband from being drug along with me! Hope to meet some DC area teachers....soon!!!!

Kimberly Travers said...

I grew up in the country (in Maryland) and then moved to the city for college. It is quite a change from country living. I teach Kindergarten right outside the main gates of Fort Meade. If you ever want a kindergarten fix while in DC, please come visit. There is a Learning How (teaching store) in Columbia, MD if you need another teacher store to visit.

Kim and Megan said...

Okay guys! Remember if you want to maybe set up a time for me to come and help you out in your class in the DC area, send me an email at I would love to come and be your assistant for the day!

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