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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Number Sentence Flowers

Three cheers for bingo dotters! Bingo dotters make a great, cheap alternative to paint! An added plus....they aren't messy! We recently used bingo dotters to practice addition with these fun flowers.
Here's how we practiced addition while making these fun flowers. First, the children roll a double dice. If you don't have any of the double dice (a dice inside a dice), just use two dice! Write the equation on a circle. Glue the circle to a piece of paper.
Using two different colors of bingo dotters, the kids stamp the sets to match the dice. NOTE: If you are in prek or need to differentiate from some children who aren't quite ready for this, just have them roll one dice. Write the numeral on the circle instead of the equation.
I picked up these bingo dotters at the Dollar Tree. No need to buy expensive art dotters. These last FOREVER!
Here's one of the flowers up close.
Instead of making each flower on a separate piece of paper, consider making an accordion fold book. To make the book, fan fold a strip of paper so that each square is large enough to hold the circle and the bingo dotter dots. I used a strip 4 x 18 and folded it into 4 sections.  Invite the children to glue a circle in each of the squares. Roll the dice and stamp the dots. Let it dry. Now fold the book. You can leave it like that, or put a few staples along the left edge to make a book. No assembling pages! Simple!
This idea is from this Spring unit.

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She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

Students LOVE using dot paint! I LOVE it too because there is no mess...a teacher's dream. Cute idea!


Mrs. M said...

Looks like FUN!!

Color Me Kinder

Busy Bees said...

Got that packet...gonna do it soon!! Love the idea of the bingo dots. My kids love those things!

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