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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Literacy Academic Vocabulary

This blog post on academic vocabulary has been updated. You can see the updated version here.
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Erica said...

Oh my goodness! I love your math vocab pack! This is awesome for literacy!


Sprinkles to Kindergarten

krazykindergarten said...

I already own this vocabulary packet. I love it! I love seeing the pictures from the classroom!!!

Ms. Jessica said...

I love this! How do you post literary vocabulary - on a separate word wall? I'd love to see a picture of it!

Speaking of vowels, I love teaching vowels! My favorite activity for it is graphing how many vowels are in our name - to see how many are in your own name, as well as a class graph to which vowel is the most popular in everyone's name.

KeAndra said...

Love this packet! Does Megan work on literacy vocabulary all week or just once a week? I would to know how she does it in depth. I would love to implement it in my classroom!

Kim and Megan said...

Megan and I do the academic vocabulary journal once a week. This is for the "One special word". One week math, one week literacy. I also put up 2-3 of the vocabulary word cards each week. I'll try to snap a photo next time I take my camera to Megan's room and actually remember to do it!

Lesley said...

I am planning on purchasing this journal but would also love to see the math vocabulary journal. Can you send me the link?

Kim and Megan said...

Leslie, Here is the link for the math academic vocab pack

Educator Jenn said...

Ilove your blog and this idea. I have linked back to you at my blog. Thank you Jenn

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