KinderGals: Winter Wonderland Number Line Mystery

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland Number Line Mystery


Click here for Number Line Mystery Mat Title

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Miss Toffee said...

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing the great ideas.

You add labels to the blog just by typing them in the box at the bottom of the draft (near the 'publish' button) and you can add labels to any previous post by clicking to edit them and the label box will be in the same place.

I think you also have to drag a wigit (or whatever it is called) to the sidebar when you are in the design settings

...Unless your blog is designed different to mine! Hope this helps (although I am 100% definitely not a technical genius!)If I have managed it, you certainly can because your blog is lovely!

Good luck!

Kim said...

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


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