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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peek at my Week-You’ve Got Mail, Facebook Freebees, and Seeing Friends on the Road

Presenting on the road can be very lonely. I love people! But, when I am traveling I often find myself alone. I’m not telling you this so that you will somehow feel sorry for me, but so that you will know just how excited I get when I realize I am NOT going to be alone! So you can only imagine how super excited I was when I received a message from Katie of Little Warriors, that I was going to be working in her school district on Friday! When she went to sign up for her sessions on Thursday night, she saw my name in the listings! I didn’t know that she worked in the district where I was presenting! Now, if we had put two and two together, we could have planned to get a cup of coffee (or a diet coke!) or something together, but it was still fun to see her on Friday!
I was in South Carolina earlier in the week. I almost was caught by the storm, getting a flight only a few hours before the airport was closed! So, when I was in Illinois, and the snow started falling, I became a little nervous. But, no problem, I caught my flight to Oklahoma! Yep, Oklahoma! I was suppose to work here this week, but, the training was cancelled due to make up days. I came to Oklahoma anyway to spend the WHOLE week with Andy!
So South Carolina and Illinois teachers, as promised I have added a few freebees to my facebook in honor of your training days. They are there for anyone not just these teachers, so get them if you want. Just “like” the kindergals facebook page and you will be able to access them in the “fan freebee” folder.  They will only be there a few days. Here’s what I added:
From the Dollar Store session I have added the making five recording sheet and clip art pieces that I used with the frog clips.
From the math center session, I have added the number bond game boards and the numeral cards.
And here are the Peek at My Week-Mail plans.  I think I have shared how I lay them out in the past few peek at my week posts, so I am not going to do that. If this is your first time reading these plans, look back at other peek at my week plans to see how they are organized.
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Katie Mense said...

Love you so much, Kim!!!! It was so good to see you on Friday!!! xoxoxo
Little Warriors

Mrs. Tolbert said...

Thanks for the freebies and sharing your week! I am in the process of revamping my "classroom environment" for the upcoming year and looking at how other teachers do it makes it a lot easier. :)
Daisy Days for Learning

Vanessa Mejia said...

Great plans!

tmcnutt said...

Can someone tell me how to find the fan freebie folder in Facebook? I have looked, but am not finding the right place. Thanks!

RenaeP said...

Just came home from the SoCal Kindergarten Conference and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your sessions! You are an awesome speaker and I can't wait to implement your materials and ideas!!! By the way, I'm going to Dollar Tree tomorrow! I've got my list ready......I will be looking forward to the next time I see you! I think my new phrase is going to be "Bless his/her heart!" Sincerely, Renae

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