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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ron Clark Academy Visit

The very first time I heard of Ron Clark was at the I Teach K! Conference sponsored by SDE in Los Vegas. I heard him speak as the keynote speaker and I was instantly motivated to be not only a better teacher but, a better person! 

After hearing Ron speak, I added visiting RCA to my bucket list! When my friend, Hope King, told me her husband (Wade) was teaching at RCA I was super excited for the King's and their new adventure! Soon after, Hope also started working for the academy also. With her being so close to our home town, I just knew I had to get there soon to see Ron, Wade, and Hope!

One of my favorite things about blogging is helping other teachers. I love the opportunities to meet other teachers and make new friends! I have been bless to meet a group of friends that are no longer fellow bloggers but, they are some of my BEST friends! When Hope recommended we plan a girls trip to come to Atlanta and visit RCA while we were there, I was first in line to buy my plane ticket!

Visiting Ron Clark Academy was by far one of the most life changing experiences....EVER! On the morning of our visit it was raining and cold. We did not let the dreary weather stop our excitement! Soon after arriving at the academy an excited man came running out and ushered us into one of the most amazing libraries with excited, dancing children and teachers! The library even had a trampoline in the middle of it! What kid can say they attend a school that has a trampoline?

After an introduction from the sweet Kim Bearden, cofounder of the Academy and a powerful speech from Ron, we were on our way to observe in the classrooms, attend workshops and take in the magic that is RCA.  

Can y'all imagine if this was your school? I mean, how could you not love to come? 

I was so amazed at the energy of the teachers and the respect the students portrayed. The teachers were not only talented but, you could tell they loved their job!

This is Hope's room. I often call her my other daughter. I just LOVE her!
This is the entry to her classroom...

And here is the inside...Wow...just wow!
And it's still not finished. I can't wait to see when it's complete. 

Unfortunately, after our day of learning we had to head home because Megan was very sick. She tried to stick it out but, she just couldn't make it! So we missed this incredible basketball game in the RCA new gym! Next time...we WILL be there for that game!

So basically...don't wait....add this to your bucket list! NOW! 

(Photos courtesy of RCA)

If you want more information on RCA:
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Mrs. Agent said...

Ok I'm trying to decided if I want to go to the TPT, I Teach K, blogger meet up in vegas, or RCA! I teach K too, which do you think would be best? I'm hoping I get to do both but we'll see!

Kim and Megan said...

THAT is a win-win decision! Whichever one you chose, you will not be disappointed! need to do BOTH!

Christy Lee said...

What an amazing experience!!! Definetly going on my bucket list!!

Sandra Carter said...

I wish every teacher had the opportunity to work at a school like this. I wish every student had the opportunity to attend a school like this. WOW!! So awesome!

Christer said...

Looks AWESOME! Is this a K-8 school?

Kim and Megan said...

It is a 5-8 grades school.

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