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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Working On It Wednesday---Vegas Style!

This time next week I will be in Vegas! I spend a lot of my time on the road presenting. But, there is nothing like this week! I spend more time packing my suitcases, picking out my clothes, “fancying” up my power point presentations, making plans with old and new friends…..So hope to see some of you guys there! Be sure and take advantage of every moment to learn, to network, to have fun, to SHOP….
So these two mama-a-jama suitcases are full of stuff just for my presentations. I get asked by lots of others, “Why do you bring all that stuff?” I bet you know! There is nothing like getting to hold something, to see just how it was made, to take your own picture, to look at things that might have been in another session that you didn’t attend. These are packed and ready to go! BUT….Slide1
Not these….I have the hardest time picking out my clothes. I mean lets face it! I’m not 29 anymore! I want to look as cute as all you young teachers, but keep everything appropriate for a grandmother! I want to wear my cutest things, I want to stay warm inside (those rooms are nearly freezing so bring a sweater or jacket), and be cool when I venture out (It was over 100 degrees this morning at 9 am.  I checked on my weather app.)! Toooooo many decisions….So mission today
1. Finish adding video clips to my presentations AND
2. Pack some clothes! This might involve a little shopping on my way home from ATL!
By the way guys, yep, I’m headed to ATL, this morning. My little newest grandbaby has a few little medical things going on. So we are off to ATL to see a specialist. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers today (his mama and daddy too)!
See you in Vegas! Can’t wait….Grab the button, link up and tell us what you are working on today!  Remember to check my blog next week, especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday….I MIGHT just share some things we are doing in Vegas and have a few freebees for you! Winking smile
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Positively Learning said...

I hear you on the staying warm/staying cool! I'm naturally freezing 100% of the time, but getting ready to spend a week in Houston this month. Lots of dresses with little cardigans! Good luck and thanks for hosting the awesome freebie!

Luv My Kinders said...

I will keep your family in my prayers for your little grandbaby. Hope all goes well. I will be at two of your sessions next week at I teach K. I can't wait. I haven't even started packing yet. I totally get ya on wanting to look cute & hip but still appropriate...I am no spring chicken anymore. See ya next week!

Luv My Kinders

Kacie Biggs said...

Have a fabulous trip!! You are going to be amazing and benefit so many teachers and students!
Can't wait to hear all about it!
Selling the Sizzle

Mrs. Richardson said...

So jealous that I'm not able to go to Vegas this year!! You all have fun!!! I can't wait to see everyone's pictures!!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Susan said...

Prayers for that little baby and his/her family! I soooo wish a I was going to the conference! Maybe next year..."

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