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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let’s Talk About Books Linky

I’m linking up with my good friend Deanna over at Mrs. Jump’s Class by sharing a few books that I love!

Slide2The first book is a must have for all you Grandmas! It’s called 41 Uses for a Grandma.  Of course, you can see why I had to have this book! But, now….how can I use it in Megan’s room? I was thinking it would be a great mentor text for us to use when teaching List Making during our Writer’s Workshop Time. In the story the author makes a list of 41 Uses for a Grandma.  So I was thinking, as part of the active engagement we could have our kids make a list of things:  # uses for a dog, # uses for a truck, # uses for a pencil. Might also be a great way to tie in number! Just thinking…

Slide1Another book that I picked to share today is Silly Milly and the Mysterious Suitcase. In this story Silly Milly tells you what she packs for her trip and what she doesn’t pack. For example, she packs a baseball but not a bat. In the end she tells you that she only packs compound words. So it goes without saying that this would be a great book for teaching compound words, but can we take it deeper than that? How else could we have children apply this pattern of writing using a different surprise ending?  Here’s what I am thinking…we could use this book as a mentor text for pattern writing. First the children decide what they are going to pack…hmmm, maybe animals. So their writing could go something like this. “I will pack a dog but not a bone. I will pack a bird but not a cage.” Or maybe they want to pack things that start with a given letter. “I will pack biscuits but not jelly. I will pack bikes but not scooters.” Now, I haven’t tried this lesson yet, so just thinking out loud here. It would fit in nicely with our Unit 4 for Reader’s Workshop where we teach book patterns.

Now, hop on over to Deanna’s blog to see other book recommendation's.

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