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Sunday, March 23, 2014

GA Bloggers Meet Up! Peek at My Week 2 Spring

Slide8Saturday Megan and I headed out to Macon to meet up with a group of GA bloggers. We had the meet up at GA School Supply. As I was shopping around after the meet up, I saw this sitting on the shelf.  I knew immediately what it was. Do you?  Read to the end of the post to find out!

Once there, Megan and I found a table with 2 other teachers, had a seat, and started to chat. Who knew, that me, the oldest in the group, was sitting by Urma, the youngest in the group! It paid to be old! The oldest and the youngest each got a prize!

Slide2One of the cool things that Jane planned was a product auction. Each of us brought the cover to one of you products. She passed out play money and we auctioned off the product. It was really fun, with the teachers from the various grade levels trying to get the prizes. Everyone left with one. Here are the prizes we won and the ones we gave away.Slide1Here are some group shots and blog buttons of everyone that attended.
Jayne, Kelly, Angie, Stacy, Tara, Valerie
The Teacher Wife
Funky Fresh Firsties

...And They All Fall Down...

Georgia Grown Kiddo's

Jennifer, Carol, Kathy, Meghan, Kim, Irma, Megan


Michelin, Jessica, Greg, Erin, Alison


Here are our peek at me week plans for our second week of Spring.



One last thing before I tell you what’s in the box…I just love seeing all of the sayings on facebook. Here are some that I took a screen shot of this week that either made me laugh, made me think, or made me feel really happy.Slide7


Did you know?

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Mrs. McHaffie said...

I would have NEVER guessed a filmstrip projector!! Hilarious!!

Greg Coleman said...

Kim and Megan,

It was good meeting you all yesterday. I enjoyed our conversation.

I would have never guessed the photo was a filmstrip projector. I really thought it was a record player.

Greg aka "Mr Elementary Math"

Debbi Watson said...

Sadly, I DID know! I'm old, I guess. Still used film strips during my college years when I worked at the laboratory school at Ga Southern (back in the dinosaur days! )

SueG said...

I am showing my age too, I knew right away it was a film projector. And if I looked hard in my closet I might still have some stories on filmstrip, right next to my overhead materials, and VHS tapes and floppy disks. :)

Jayne Gammons said...

Kim, Thanks for coming to the meetup. I simply can't wait to get together with you, Megan and those wonderful teacher gals (and Greg) again!
Oh, and I DID guess the projector…cuz I used one when I first started teaching Kindergarten! Hey…we look good. :) Jayne
Smart Kids

G-Iron Tutor said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was such a pleasure meeting you and sitting next to you :)
I snagged some adjective games to play with my adult ESL class! Can't wait to use them tomorrow!

Kelly said...

I'm a little late to the commenting party, but I absolutely had a blast meeting you both! And I had no idea what was in the box, but I did have one my first year teaching... but I guess it had outgrown its box. I never did use that thing..hmm... :)

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