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Monday, February 10, 2014

You’ve Got Mail

Oh my goodness! I arrived in Columbia, SC last night to find out that we are expecting more wintery mix on Tuesday! W.H.A.T.?????  Anyone else ready to go south? Like reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy south? Like Bahamas south?  I am so ready for some warm, southern weather!  Back home Megan is getting all ready to start a week of valentine fun. Be sure and check out our peek at my week post from yesterday.  Looking ahead…where are we going next? Well, next week we will do our unit on the Post Office.  This pack contains the things that we will be using. These activities will be included in our Peek at my Week next Sunday.
This is the product description….Rain, sleet, or snow…The mail must go! This pack is just what you will need to help teach your little ones all about mail, the post office, and mail carriers. There are activities for:
Math: graphing story problem, comparing heights, adding and subtracting to get to a given number, how many to make a 5, number combinations, divide a number, and sorting by size and graphing results.
Slide2Language Arts: a tree map for non fiction information, sequence events and a cut a sentence book, cut stack staple read books, building cvc words and substituting sounds in all three positions, making ail words, all about book with cut a ways, diagrams, lists, flow map, bold/fancy/colored fonts, planning and writing an opinion piece, and writing captions for photographs.
Slide3Stay warm….
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1 comment:

WLWashington said...

Your seminar (Feb. 10th & 11th)in Columbia, SC was great!!! Your love for the craft (teaching) is contiguous!!!!

Wanda W.

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