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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reading Workshop Common Core Standards

So how is your reading workshop going? It is so fun to receive email from teachers who are having such great results with the units that Michele and I wrote. We know that we love doing them with our kids, but it is even better when so many others are seeing the same results.


Several teachers have emailed me with questions as they decide if they want to start using the units. One of the questions is always about the common core standards…are they in the unit? does it cover all the reading standards? which standards are covered in each unit?

So I finally got around to making a document that lets you know which standards are included in each of the units. You can click (here) to download the document. We also finally got around to putting all 9 units in one bundle. You can get it (here).


Thanks to so many of you for sharing your photos, blog posts, and email messages with us! We love to hear it!

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Lee Ann Rasey said...

I am title I teacher who works with kindergartners. I'm unable to do a reading workshop within my 20 minutes, but our kindergarten teachers were wondering how to do a reading workshop with kindergarten when the students don't read. They have 50 min. language arts blocks and 30 min of that is for our phonics program. They aren't sure if a workshop would work for them.

Kim and Megan said...

Hey LeeAnn, Thanks for your questions. In Reader's Workshop, the teacher teaches all of the reading literature and reading informational text standards. It starts with unit 1 showing them how to read by telling a story they already know or by telling a story by looking at the pics. The lessons are 10 minute mini lessons that are followed with self selected reading time. You might want to search on the blog for "reader's workshop". I have done several posts to show how they work. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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