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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh the places I will go….

When my July Delta Skymiles statement appeared in my email I couldn’t believe what I saw…27,000 miles! Yep, that’s how many miles I flew in July. No wonder I couldn’t remember which city I was leaving or where I was heading! It was the craziest month of the year and was full of so much fun and excitement. Each of those folders represents a different state, a different workshop, and as you can see from all those suitcases…I don’t travel lightly!
So here goes a week full of posts so I can share all the fun with you. 
Be sure and check tomorrow to catch up on what your fellow teachers were doing this summer!
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1 comment:

Julie Stowe said...

I'm at work right now looking forward to a good read about where you have been when I get home tonight. I don't think I travelled that many miles in a year!!
Julie :-)
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