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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are you going in the right direction? Destination: Common Core

I had a blast in Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago with about 140 teachers! Saw a group I recognized from the DI for the Little Guy Seminar they had attended last year. Saw a group of teachers that I am working with in one  Parrish. And, then I saw a teacher I recognized, but I couldn’t remember from where. So who was she? Well her name is Dana and on tpt she uses padawala as her “purchasing” name. She did attend DI in Louisiana, but I knew her because she was the very first teacher to ever buy anything from me on tpt! I think she has every product that I have ever published. It was great to catch up with her. One night we were able to get dinner together, along with another teacher, and get to know each other! What fun!
So what are the other teachers in the photos doing? Well they are making their student sized rekenreks. During the math portion of the Destination Common Core Seminar, we do a little make and take of some great tools used for teaching the new math standards. I saw this large rekenrek on pinterest. I tried to track down the source, but no luck. Anyways, Andy, my hubby, made me along with 6 friends, all a large rekenrek. Great to use for modeling lots of lessons. Here are the directions for making the large one:
Directions for making the large rekenrek:
We also talked about how to use dot plates for developing the number standards. While I demonstrated how to use paper plates to make the dot plates, there are premade dot plates, fives frames, tens frames, dominoes, and rekenreks in the Yeehaw! Wild about Numbers packet on tpt. All you have to do is print and laminate. The packet also includes games/center activities for each of the math tools.
On the reading day, we talk about teaching children strategies, not just the “book”. So for example, in “House for a Hermit Crab” I read the story first and manipulate the pieces.
Then, I invite several children up to hold each of the characters. I ask them to get in order like the characters appeared in the story. The problem here…they really can’t remember! So instead of just having children continue to guess until they get it right…I teach my kiddos that good readers go back to the text to find the evidence. So we go back and look and get in order. Then, they each put their piece on the crab as we say what happened. Next, I invite another group of kids up to get in order. Again, we go back to the text.
On another day, you could revisit the story again. Have the children get in order yet again. See if they can do it without going back to the book. This is a good way to demonstrate the value of repeated reading. “See how good we got when we practiced that story several times?”
On yet another day, revisit the book again. Have children get in order and make a list of the characters. Now use the list to retell. “See how being able to sequence the characters in the story helps us in retelling?” This is how you revisit a book over several days and each time the learning is rich and meaningful! (This hermit crab activity is from Ocean Animals Math and Literacy for the Common Core.)
Can’t wait until May 1-2 when I will be in Tampa to do the Destination Common Core Seminar again. See the details here:
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We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

Kim....I think you are one of the most creative~brilliant~knowledgeable~fun teachers I have ever known. THANK YOU for inspiring us to be better teachers and posting such FABULOUS posts on your blog!
Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

Mrs. McHaffie said...

Whenever you need an assistant or an 'opener' at conferences, you just let me know. :)
You're awesome, lady!!!

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Rachelle said...

Seriously... you are AMAZING!

Rachelle said...

Seriously... you are AMAZING!

Missy said...

WooHoo! We just got approval from our principal to come to the Destination Common Core in Tampa! Can't wait!


Kim and Megan said...

Can't wait Missy! You are so sweet Rachelle! Kelly sometimes I think I need a secretary...don't we all! Amber...glad you like the posts! Love your blog, too!

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