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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Makeover…TPT style!

I’m sure most of you know my sweet friend, Deedee Wills, from Mrs. Will’s Kindergarten. Well, she is one smart cookie!The other day, she sent me a text and told me she wanted to talk to me about my store. She had been trying to find a packet in my store and wasn’t able to find it!
We each have our gifts, and mine isn’t technology! Fortunately, I have surrounded myself with people who are technology gurus…Andy (my sweet husband), Deedee Wills (friend extraordinaire)….
So I called Deedee later that day and after a little chit chat to catch up on each other’s lives, she told me she wanted to help me organize my store! I think she knows how challenged I am and was coming to my rescue.
So here’s what I have done, with lots of help from Andy, Megan and Deedee!Slide3
First of all, Deedee made me these buttons/banners. Then, I made a list of all the products that I wanted to come up when you clicked on each one. Finally, Andy made it work. So, if you are looking for Winter…January/February Activities and Ideas, click on the “Cold Hands…Warm Heart” banner and you will see a list of all the things I have developed to fit that category. And, the “Math for all Seasons” button will take you to math resources that you can use all year, not just for one or two weeks!
The next thing Deedee suggested was for me to really look at my custom category(s) to be sure that the items that I wanted  were actually coming up when you clicked on the titles. When I tried clicking on some of the categories,  random things were coming up that shouldn’t and some items that should be coming up weren’t. I decided to do a total makeover here. I gave Andy a new list of categories that I wanted and which items were suppose to be coming up when you click on them. He did his magic by looking for words in the descriptions that were making items come up that didn’t belong and adding “key words” to make others appear!  Slide1
The last thing I did was to work on the “quick find” feature. Before, if I typed in “math” things would come up that had nothing to do with math. So, I tried to think, “What are some key words that I would use to find things from my favorite sellers using this feature?” I typed in each of those categories to see what came up. Then, I made a list of the ones that were coming up that shouldn’t and the ones that weren’t coming up that should. Now, while this isn’t an exact science, it sure is a lot better than it was! Okay, so this took two days to do! I think it will be way worth it to help us find the items we are looking for.
Now, I am sure some of you might be laughing when you read this post and for that I am glad that I made you laugh! These are things you can’t believe others don’t already know. So this post was merely entertainment for you. But, for those of us that are a “little” challenged with technology this post might help you navigate tpt a little easier, find things a little quicker or help you with some tips to organize your own store. Either way, here’s to tpt!
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Hilary Gard said...

Wow! I will need to read this again. So much to process! Good for you!
Second Grade is Out of This World!

Karen Stamp said...

Thanks for the suggestions!! Now, how do I get Deedee to help me!? LOL!!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Ellen said...

Wow! It looks FABULOUS! I agree with Karen and Hilary...this will definitely be a post to reread! Thanks for sharing!

Great {First Grade} Expectations

Kelly said...

Your store looks wonderful! But this post honestly makes my stomach flip-flop because I know I should have a banner, custom categories, etc. but I am just a bit technologically challenged myself! I will have to spend a Saturday morning figuring it out. Thanks for sharing:).

Kindergarten Kel

Aimee said...

I would love to figure out that Custom Category thing! It's one thing I haven't quite been able to figure out. Aside from that, I love your new banner and button! Thank you for sharing your makeover and ideas!

Primarily Speaking

Mindy said...

Yay! That will be so fun to go check out. I have been meaning to go and add a banner to my store but never thought of categorizing things. I do not have enough products that it is hard to navigate but hope to someday! It may be easier to start now instead of having to go through them later. haha.

Kindergarten Kidlets

Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Wow! Good for you! Now I need to go and organize my TpT store. I have no idea where to begin. Thanks for sharing your success.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Sally Peach said...

Haha!! This post made me laugh, mainly because I had no idea how to do it either! I stalk your blog religiously and I have loved following your journey! I've just started blogging and I'm having a huge giveaway of sight word games!

Head over to

Sally xx

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