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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Too Late for the Sale?


So I really did try to get  “Reader’s Workshop Unit 6-Diving In” ready before the big Cyber Monday sale! Ya’ll, when you live in DC it is a big ordeal to find a craft store. It involves at least a 45 minute car ride each way and not to mention the traffic if you don’t wait until the weekend! The packet was all done and ready to go except….I needed some feathers to finish the sample for the flamingo book. It took me almost a week to get somewhere to get the feathers and then when I got there…no pink! Are you kidding me? So I had to make the white feathers do! I am loving all the excitement and being a “tourist” in DC but please could we just have a Michael’s or even better a Hobby Lobby? Is that asking too much?

So here’s the plan…for this weekend only, I am offering the new Reader’s Workshop Unit for 20% off. I know it doesn’t have the added bonus of the tpt sale, but hope it helps! Happy Crafting!

Click here to find the packet on tpt! Sale good until midnight Sunday!

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Giggles and Squeals said...

How exciting! I just had put that on my wish list! This unit is saving me! I think it is working. I am off next week to begin Powerful Partners!

I hope you consider doing the same for Writers Workshop?? Just planting a seed!

Down Under Teacher said...

I love teaching non-fiction texts so this pack is being added to my cart! I'm moving from second grade to first next year so these units will really help me with the transition to the younger kiddos. Thanks!

Down Under Teacher

Spedteacher said...

The next time you need something from a craft store let me know. I live near DC and have two craft stores near my home. My husband works in DC so he can deliver it. I love your reading units, we are digging dipper in my classroom.

Becky said...

Yay!! I just bought it! I cannot wait to use it. I was so excited to see you at the CC conference in Nashville! Lots of wonderful ideas!

Kris said...

It is very thoughtful of you to offer the discount on this unit and very much appreciated!!!!

Kim and Megan said...

Spedteacher: Thanks for the offer! I will keep that in mind!

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