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Friday, November 16, 2012

So many new blogs….

This week I was in Ohio for a few days with my DI for the Little Guy Seminar. This southern girl is about to freeze in these northern states! It was a rainy, cold day so I’m glad that I was inside! I just love this seminar—you can check out to see if it is coming to your area (here).  This  teacher/principal team (photo) was so funny! Karen (the teacher) was really working that principal to buy her some teacher goodies! Do you think she convinced her? She sure did! I also meet a sweet teacher, Ellen,  that is friends with my friend Michele from Fabulous in First! Did you follow that “friend chain”? Ellen went on and on about how great Michele is, and ya’ll she’s right! Her blog is so stinkin’ cute (and so is she by the way). Michele even inspired Ellen to start her own blog. Find her blog (here).

Now here’s somewhere else you need to check out. Remember me talking about going to Karen Stamp’s class back a few months ago? Well she is doing a humungous giveaway for reaching 300 followers on her blog! Did I spell that right? Is it really even a word? Be sure and enter to win by clicking on the picture above.

Next up….Back about 15 years ago, this super cute fun teacher started teaching at my school in Forsyth, GA! She was a bundle of energy and inspired me to be more creative. Okay….so there was one thing about her that drove me absolutely drove me crazy….She was a brand new teacher and was eager to make everything. So, each day she would come by and “borrow” something to take home and make that night. So where’s the problem you might ask? Is it that I didn’t want to share? No, definitely not, I love to share with other teachers! Guessed it yet? Yep, your right….hers always looked better than mine! So then I would want to redo mine too! All joking aside, she is probably one of the most creative people that I know. So who is this mystery teacher---Wendy Gilstrap. The first presentations I ever did, where with my partner in crime, Wendy! We presented together for a while and then were encouraged to split and go it alone. I am more than a few years older than Wendy. So at this time she was also starting her young family and decided to just stick to teaching. Her kids are growing and so is her creativity. She has started a new blog (here) and has a tpt store (here)! I promise you, you want to check it out!
So one last final shout out! You know how when you are teaching and you meet another teacher, you can tell right from the start if you are going to hit if off? Well it works the same when you are presenting. Several years ago (more than I can remember) I was presenting at a conference when I met Shari Sloane! (That’s Shari, Megan, and me at the National I Teach K Conference in Vegas!) Now I know that lots of you know her from her fabulous website (here). Well, guess what? She has finally started a tpt store (here)! I love her music and I have made a lot of little music books to go with her songs. My kids love her Vowel Bat Song. My husband made me these super cute capes and Shari gave me permission to make the music book (here).
So, as you can see…this blogging world and tpt is exploding! It is changing the way we teach. It encourages us to share and use the ideas of others in our classroom. It inspires us to try to create our own original ideas to share with others. In the end, it has made us all better teachers! It is a win-win situation!
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Primary Paradise said...

You are so right about the blogging world. It inspired me to start my own. It is so exciting to see new ideas and also to share. Yours has been blessing. I would love to have you stop by mine.

Karen Stamp said...

Kim, Thanks so much for sharing about my giveaway (only 3 hours left to enter!!). I can't wait to check out the new blogs/TpT stores you mentioned... and especially excited that Shari Sloane now has a store!! WAY TO GO, Shari!
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Kim and Megan said...

Tammy! I will check it out! Good luck in the blogging world. Karen! I hope your giveaway was a success. Thanks for including me.

Candy said...

Our K team was at your DI workshop last week on Tuesday! Everyday we are adding something new we picked up from you. You taught us old dogs some great new tricks!

Kelly said...

Kim-- I really hope you are having fun traveling... When you get back to DC area I hope you still find time to visit my classroom!


Kim and Megan said...

Candy so glad ya'll found some ideas that you are able to use in your classrooms! Thanks for sharing!

Kim and Megan said...

Kelly, Where are you? Email me... so we can set it up! I would love to come.

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