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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lakeshore Learning

Who does not love Lakeshore Learning products? When stocking up my centers and activities for the year, I always shop at Lakeshore. My school started requiring teachers to commit a portion of their day to remediation and enrichment. One of my favorite activities for enrichment is the Language Lacers from Lakeshore Learning.

After introducing these to my enrichment group, I placed them in a center and had the students record their words in a steno pad. These would also be great for first grade!
Would you like to grab your own set of Language Lacers? Click below to get 25% off from Lakeshore.
Enjoy 25% off from Lakeshore:

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Busy Bees said...

Love it!

kcal88 said...

Just ordered some language lacers...
:) Katrina

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