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Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s time to get busy….


This is the time of year that my schedule just gets plain crazy! Ya’ll sometimes I can’t remember what state I was in yesterday…but I love it! There’s something about a conference…not only do you get some new ideas, but you get the chance to talk to other adults and to eat lunch without having to open any milk cartons! So in case you are looking for a way to find some new ideas or to have a day or reenergize, I thought I might post about the upcoming conferences! First seminar of the season, DI for the Little Guy, is in Ohio. This is a day packed full of ideas on how you can differentiate your instruction—from classroom management, grouping, assessments, and some fun activities that your kiddos will love.


Then on November 27 and 28 I will be in Ellicott City for a 2 Day seminar…Destination Common Core! I am super excited about this new seminar…like first day of school excited. It is brand new with ideas for teaching both the literacy and the math standards! If you live in either of these areas, check out more information by clicking on the slides. I’ll have my southern accent and lots of fun stories to tell so be sure you say, “Hey ya’ll!” if you get to come!

Destination: Common Core

DI for the Little Guy

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Miss Evans said...

I'm putting in to attend your DI for the Little Guy in Nebraska! Can't wait to see and hear you speak.


Reagan Tunstall said...

December 11th in San Antonio! I can't WAIT!!!!

Karen said...

HI I can't wait to meet you at the DI for the little guy in Cleveland.
Can you bring your tpt units for closer looks? I would like to review a couple before purchasing.

Kim and Megan said...

Hey Karen,
I will be bringing SOME of the units. We are limited to the number they allow us to bring.

Ellen said...

I just attended your DI for the Little Guy conference in Columbus! It was the best conference I have attended! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas! I can't wait to get tow work implementing your awesome ideas! Thanks so much!

Kim and Megan said...

Ellen and Karen is was great to meet you both! See my post here for a shout out to you both!

Reagan and Jodi, I can't wait to meet you! BTW, Reagan I read a post on your blog about your husband. Not sure when it was actually posted, but it made me cry and smile at the same time! I love to hear these kinds of stories! The power of prayer!

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