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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fabulous Freebees! Don’t We all Just Love ANYTHING free?


What is it about something being free that increases our  heart rate? Ever put a table out in the hall? What happens…teachers come out of the woodwork to see who says, “I get it!” first! Something about, “I might need that.” that causes us all to be a little bit of a hoarder. I say, “I border on being a hoarder!” Only if we could all have a little less clutter in our rooms! But….I also say, “My stuff is good stuff!” So I decided that this week I am going to spotlight “some really good stuff” that is completely free! Click on each slide to take you right to that freebee! Above is one of my freebees! It has tutorial cards for skills that some just haven’t gotten yet. Great for parent volunteers or for older students to use with our little ones.


So, this freebee is from Deedee Wills of Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten. Now I tell you, she has it going on! This packet has a dice game, a domino game and a game with chips. These are great for Number work!

Next is Cara Carroll, from First Grade Parade. Okay, these are so stinking cute! There are awards for anything you can think of. There are few that I was super excited to find because they go right along with the things that Michele and I are doing in our reader’s workshop!


Last one for today is from Anna Brantley! Anna is another GA educator so I was super excited to meet her last spring! This is a great little sorting activity for fruits, vegetables, and animals. Even though Anna has this listed as a literacy activity, you could also use this during math for sorting! Come back tomorrow for a few more “spotlight” freebees! I need you to join my hoarding addiction, just be sure to keep it organized! Smile

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Jen said...

Love these freebees! Thank you for posting these!! I can't wait to see what else you post...yes, I guess I am a bit of a teacher stuff hoarder! :)

Jen's Kinder Kids

Anna Brantley said...

Thanks for spotlighting my freebie!!! LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!

Ms. Lopez said...

Thanks so much for posting the freebies! They're just what I need.


Sarah Paul said...

Thanks for the freebies!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

graciegirl said...

Thanks so much!

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